Amazon knows what Gamers Want. Release Day Delivery on Pre-orders

When a hot new release comes out, you want it day one, right? Halo: Reach is due out September 14th. That’s when Amazon will have it to you, day one, on September 14th. That’s right, Amazon quietly rolled out $0.99 release day delivery for video game pre-orders. Something only Amazon Prime members have had and will continue to receive the service for free.

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GuruStarr782968d ago

This is a great option, I got KH: BBS, coming on tuesday and Halo reach on release day, for a dollar shipping....thats cheaper than tax and it gets delivered to my crib!

jay22968d ago

They're doing the same on the UK site as well, I noticed that last week. it's £1.99 for us in the UK.

poopface12968d ago

but I got it for my preorder of reach. Its great because it also came with 20$ amazon credit.

Im also gonna get Castlevania with my 20$ credit and get 20$ more for that.

Convas2968d ago

LOL, because I get so much money via Amazon Gift Cards, I'm going to be getting 2 or 3 titles this year, practically free! I <3 Amazon!

El_Colombiano2967d ago

Amazon pays you to buy your games!

GuruStarr782967d ago

Yeah, its great.....once you get the ball rolling by buying a game with $20 credit, you start getting new releases really cheap....

Also, if you look to trade in your games, they give pretty good deals on that too (better than gamestop)....some games will trade in for as much or more than you can sell them on ebay for.

I'm getting Reach on release date for $18, after a $20 credit and trading in a used copy of alpha protocol.....

Redlogic2967d ago

I have been pre ordering on Amazon for idk how long. I love that I get atleast a $10 credit towards my next purchase and yes, they do have a better trade in program than Gamestop. It seems like they give a few extra dollars which is ok with me. I hate going into Gamestop so Amazon works great for me. There is nothing like going to work then coming home to have the game waiting in the front door. What a feeling!

iamgoatman2967d ago

I've pre-ordered games from Amazon UK several times, choosing the free super saver delivery and each time it's arrived on release date, sometimes a couple of days before.

GAME is also a good place to pre-order from, although in some cases they can be a bit more expensive that Amazon, delivery is free and they've never failed to get a game to me on release day. I remember a few years back Pokemon Diamond arrived a full 5 days early, now that good service!

hassi942966d ago

You need to try

It is possibly THE best games online shop for the UK! You get guaranteed release date delivery for free, if you don't get it then they give you a £5 refund. If an item that's already released takes longer than 3 days to arrive after ordering they send you it again (in other words, 3 days delivery for free is almost guaranteed). They deliver first class recorded or standard completely free.

Also, on top of all those delivery perks, you almost always get the cheapest price around.

As well as that I use a game price comparison website. It isn't like most websites which you have loads of different entries for the same item which you have to sift through, a game is a game and they give you the best prices from almost all online retailers that sell games, displaying the cheapest, not the most popular (like some other comparison websites do). I recommend skipping the 'PriceMinister' entry on every game because it's quite a dodgy website.

The website is called and it is one of the most useful websites to look for great preorder prices and just usual game prices.

I know this has become quite long and seems like an advertisement now that I read back but I hope I helped someone.

Nate-Dog2967d ago

I thought they always aimed to have them there on release day anyway? (At least from the people I know in the UK, most of them that pre-order from Amazon get their games on release day).

I wonder if they'll have an option of this on the UK site for Ireland, could really do with it considering how often I buy from Amazon.

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