The Motherlode of European PlayStation Move Launch Information

Every drop of detail freshly squeezed

Whilst Stateside gamers get the PlayStation Move starting on September 15th, those in Europe have an extra 48 hours to wait until the glowing orb of joy enters their homes for ever. Launching on Friday September 17th, this article contains all the information you need - pricing, games and available bundles!

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NegativeCreepWA3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

For some reason I got really hyped for move the last couple days. Went and reserved the $99.99 bundle, an extra move controller, a nav and, a charging dock today. Also picked up tiger woods 11.

It better be worth it I could buy a wii for what I'm going to pay for move

Anyone know if theirs a way to get the demo disc separate since it doesn't come with the $99.99 pack or does it come with it?

Lucreto3018d ago

It does come with the demo disc it also be on the store as well.

NegativeCreepWA3018d ago

Are you sure? it comes with the sports games, but the product descriptions for it doesn't say anything about the demo disc like it does for the console bundle and the $70.00 bundle.

e1ace3018d ago

European bundles come with the demo disc and American bundles come with Sports Champions.