(30) Days of RPGs: September 2010

Jeremy Signor takes a look at the RPG-heavy month of September, with Final Fantasy 14, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, Etrian Odyssey 3, and much more.

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JamesDeRosa3826d ago

These monthly RPG guides are super helpful.

I wonder how FF14 is going to fare....

Darkfiber3826d ago

Probably not that well. Sure, a lot of people will buy it on name alone, but I don't see even a quarter of the people sticking around after the first free month.

RPGs are my favourite genre but none of these look appealing whatsoever. October will be better with Arcania and Two Worlds 2 though.

SeanRL3825d ago

Hopefully two worlds 2 will rock.

mittwaffen3825d ago

FF14 blows balls,

its been rushed/uncreative/consoleitis.
IT feels EXTREMELY linear, ugly, rushed environment.

It feels like they had the PS3's limited RAM in mind when making this somewhat, since this is one of the most limited and narrow in scope mmos i've come across. Now I havent seen everything, but i'll judge off BETA vs Beta of other mmos and this is one of the worst.

When it comes to mmos BETA = Final. Intill patches/money starts flowing. But this game has too much unfixable elements in it to even hope.

rod_furlong3826d ago

Wow, I need to finish Deathspank 1 now.

M3rkMast3r3826d ago

I have never played any of the Deathspanks.

M3rkMast3r3826d ago

I have never played any of the Deathspank games.

HelghastKid3825d ago

Atelier Rorona for me :) Have to please the RPG whore inside of me

Redempteur3825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

"save forthe first Atelier Iris game, with its engaging item creation system, charming sprite-based visuals, and solid battle system. The fact that they lost the plot with the two sequels is ten kinds of heartbreaking."

wow oh wow ... the plot of atelier IRIS 1,2,3 have nothing in common .. it's just an alchemy game with a godess iris they're not even in the same timeline ..
there is no plot lost ..

it's like saying that there is a plot lost between ff7 & ff8 ...


midgard2293825d ago

just finished Ys seven like 3 minutes ago. awesome game, upset its over :( well must wait for Ys vs Legends of heroes now...

and Birth by sleep comes in next week, woot!

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