PSP Set to Dominate Japan

While the media has been spending its time criticizing the PSP Go for not being as popular as it should have been, the platform as a whole has actually become increasingly more popular thanks to awesome new titles like MGS: Peace Walker. And in the land of the rising sun, Sony's compact, yet powerful, handheld has been absolutely dominating the sales charts.

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s0ph1atr0n2969d ago

It's a great handheld that deserves the sales it gets. I still prefer the DS, but the new PSP is pretty amazing. I'm not so sure about the Go though. None of my friends have it.

EYEamNUMBER12968d ago

ok first of all that tittle and that picture together make no sense LOL

mikeslemonade2968d ago

My gawd that PSP go looks slick. You won't look like a loser for playing on that. It looks like you're texting if you're looking from the back side.

Anyway the main reason why PSP is doing well is because it's the alternative to the DS. The DS has sold over 30 million in Japan and there's only 130 million people in Japan. So it's getting to the point where there's not even that many people who play games, so the DS sales are going to go down while the people who haven't picked up the PSP they will get the PSP.

CrazyForGames2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

when you actually click on the article you notice this whole thing is really pointless

this is just another weekly charts thing in disguise

eagle212969d ago

The 3DS is set to dominate

PSP has always done very well in japan...but ummm....the DS has too. Where has this guy been? Nintendo and Sony flip flop the top spot all the time in Japan.

Knushwood Butt2968d ago

Monster Hunter Portable 3 is going to be huge.

Still, the DS has the new Pokemon game, which will also sell big, if that's your kind of thing.

lonix2968d ago

What's even greater is the dismal 360 sales

hot4play2968d ago

Now if Sony just dropped the price of the PSP Go to shut up critics and gain support for the device... :/

The PSP as a brand is strong, Sony just needs a damn marketing plan for the Go...

Karum2968d ago

They also need to get the price of some of the games dropped too on the PSN.

There's no way the digital version should be costing the same amount as it's UMD based compatriot.

NintendoForever2967d ago

no its not its overall sales still isn't near as close as the ds and the 3DS is set to dominate the psp brand and kill it once and for all and nintendo will show they are a force to be recken with in the handheld department 3DS comes out around march of next year its only a matter of time before the psp's death..

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The story is too old to be commented.