Sonic 4 vs. Sonic Colors: Which Will Come Out on Top? []

With Sonic 4 and Sonic Colors both slated for releases later this year, it's hard not to compare the two titles. Which of these Sonic games shows the most promise? And which one looks more fun? Will the retro design of Sonic 4 impress gamers? Or will Sonic Colors provide a true 3D gameplay experience?

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Quagmire2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

I cant believe it. Gamers hate new Sonic. Sega recreates old sonic. Gamers hate old Sonic. Sega gives new sonic. Gamers like new sonic.

WTF?! IMO, I believe colours looks much better than Sonic 4, yet I hate how its only on wii and ds.

SoapShoes2967d ago

I agree, Colors does look better but I hate the fact that it's only on Nintendo platforms. It should be on all like Unleashed.