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"On Nick's Gaming View Episode #22, Nick covers this week's latest news including the announcement of a brand new Xbox 360 controller and events including the IFA event. Nick also talks about Apple's strategy with handheld gaming and why he feels Sony and Nintendo should take notes. Lastly, Nick closes it out with what really grinds his gears."

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Nick2120042991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

What do you guys think about how Apple is approaching the handheld gaming market? Although they may not have as many large budget titles, the experience they provide is outstanding.

AndrewRyan2991d ago

Most people who game on handhelds are casuals, and honestly making games for the iPod touch is easy with their development kit. Not only that but an iPod can be jailbroken which means free games.

Red_Orange_Juice2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

this show is one helluva laugh

//no details why they raising the price, come on, the reason is PEOPLE ARE STUPID

BulletToothtony2991d ago

i've been playing starcraft2 A LOT still put a lot of hours a day on my ps3 but i play a lot of games on my iPhone.. there is nothing wrong with having good games on a phone.. i love playing Helsing's Rising and plants vs zombies on my phone.. it's just so easy to pull out your phone while you're waiting for anything or taking a crap..

as a gamer i'm glad there is good games on the iOS.. no need to hate apple..

dredgewalker2991d ago

Please do not ever insult the intelligence of people here. Portability is no reason not to have a full gaming experience. Apple has been trying these sorts of propagandas since last year.

Cevapi882991d ago

i really dont see big developers putting too many resources into the apple market...although it is very successful, Apple is very closed off when it comes to its tech, plus from what i heard developers of apps have gone through hell in the past to have their apps be accepted on the iphone/ipod market


Oh great, Ninty and Sony should take note and make their next handhelds easy to jailbreak, so people can pirate games... People's stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

If anything Apple succeed was in having good propaganda. The day Sony or Ninty try to put out an overpriced touchscreen with crap games that does less than a standard contemporary phone and is close to developers restricting and controlling everything they can, fans will eat them alive. Wii was the most Ninty could got away with and the much it stand between casual up to last year, when sales kinda of slowed down, many old fans' noses were turn other way and dissing Nity for not pushing a new gen worthy hardware, even from those giving props to Wiimote many were aversive at the GameCube hardware revision. And Sony, even through it had a good reason, abused their confidence in Playstation brand and launched a console so high priced that all of us once questioned if Sony would still be able to compete this gen.

Apple fans will probably buy and approve anything Jobs want them to, from the great products as MacBooks and OSx, to the crap ones as iPad and iPhone.

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Active Reload2991d ago

I like what their doing. I've had my iPhone for a couple of months now and haven't looked back. The only other phone I'm interested in is the Evo 4g, and would've had one if they weren't always sold out. The good thing is, Rage is compatible all the way back to 2ng gen iPhones and I think first gen iPod touches. Thats good for most people, but unfortunately the same can't be said about Epic Citadel...bummer. Slightly off topic, the new iPod Touch is something fierce! Its practically an iPhone 4 without the contract.

Nick2120042991d ago

I have the HTC EVO 4G and absolutely LOVE it! Just hope gaming matures on the Android platform like it has on iOS.

Stealth20k2991d ago

Wow DD micro shit games..... the iphone isnt a game portable so what is this about>?

dredgewalker2991d ago

Sure.....before Apple claims their platform is for gaming I would like them to fix a few things before I consider it a gaming platform:

1: add-on controller with buttons
2: extended battery life for more than 3 hours of gaming not 30 minutes
3: "real games" not shovelware.

I wonder how much Apple pays these guys to wear a blindfold. I own an ipod and most of my family owns Iphones and we still play with the psp and ds when we travel. What's the use of it being more powerful when the games are gimped due to the limited interface and lack of tactile feedback. No self respecting gamer would ever call these true portable gaming devices.

Blaine2991d ago

if I could give more than one per post! 100%... But try explaining that to blind apple fans--actually, don't, you'd go mad in the process.

ABizzel12991d ago

Until I see games on par with God of War, Twisted Metal, Crisis Core FF7, Resistance, Killzone, Ratchet, and more on the iPhone then they are showing anybody anything.

As of now all iPhone games have shown they're nothing more than simple flash-like games, or mediocre knock offs to established franchises like Rolando to Loco Roco.

We'll see when developers like ID and Epic get behind the iPhone, but until then it can't compete with the DS and PSP as a gaming platform.

MEsoJD2991d ago

People like the convenience of an all in one item. I don't want to carry my cellphone in one pocket and psp/ds in the other.

Thats why I think Sony would be insane not to announce a PSPHONE soon. I really think its going to happen and if it does I may serious consider getting it.

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blackboyunltd2991d ago

game center is going to own

Nick2120042991d ago

Game Center is an amazing concept for mobile platforms, although we all know Xbox Live inspired the idea.

Seraphemz2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

When an iphone can play a game like Ghost of Sparta, then I will consider it a handheld gaming device.

*was posting from phone, it was acting up..*

Seraphemz2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Double post by mistake.

Nick2120042991d ago

Did you know the iPhone 4 has much better hardware than the current PSP? Check out the video below for proof. It's Carmack showing off RAGE on the iPhone in 60FPS.

Seraphemz2991d ago

That was a tech demo right? I didnt see any actual gameplay..

MEsoJD2991d ago

the epic citadel demo

yewles12991d ago

Wow, the latest iPhone vs. a handheld that came out in 2004...

Active Reload2991d ago

In the words of John Carmack..."It's on a phone!"...sorry, I couldn't help myself.

guzman2991d ago

Yeah and you can play it for 30 minutes before the battery dies!

silvacrest2991d ago

even if apple did everything right and i mean bring proper games as well as casuals game in equal amounts, have those hardcore games looking good and have plenty of them, apple are still missing buttons

i want proper buttons but not even just that, i want a psp go like slide out form factor with a D pad, nub and buttons

im guessing apple has no intention to do this so im not interested

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