Room299: Sony’s Secret Press Event

Alex C of Thesixthaxis writes "A few weeks ago, an employee of Sony Benelux posted a link to a mysterious website ( There was nothing to see but a picture of a PlayStation branded logo. That’s when I first heard about Room299. So, based on nothing more than a website and a picture, the speculation began."

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SuperTiger2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

Interesting stuff about how SCEJ seem to be holding back SCEA and SCEE.

SnuggleBandit2969d ago

I mean seriously though wth is SCEJ doing over there? They arent churning out AAA titles like scea and scee, wth is going on?

Hideo_Kojima2969d ago

they are making a game for the last 10 years that includes all of the video game genres and takes up 3 blueray disks and never ends because its bigger than time itself...

or they are slacking when compared to SCEE and SCEA

Game-ur2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

SCEJ is the worst part of Sony, call it the Achilles heel. Nothing decent comes from them, other than GT and maybe Ape Escape, all their games are mediocre.

Edit: and team ICO

PirateThom2969d ago

Team ICO are part of SCEJ.

SCEJ also helped with the deveoplment of Demon's Souls and White Knight Chronicles.

They've mostly been on PSN/PSP duty this gen though.

Baka-akaB2969d ago


Funny how your "that's all they are doing" list is rather big already .

You guys forgot how SCEJ helped for demon souls ? White knight chronicles 1-2 even .

Add patapon ,echocrome , Siren's great hd remake , locoroco etc... that's quite a lot of stellar psn and psp titles

Godmars2902969d ago

the issue isn't games but online connectivity. Voice chat and such. That even though Japan is the 3rd largest market, since online multiplayer isn't big there, SCEJ doesn't care which is causing SCEA and SCEE frustration.

Sashamaz2969d ago

More than half the games you listed is crap SCEJ is shit.

Game-ur2969d ago

I'm comparing them to western publishers working on the PS3, they already made Uncharted 1&2, KZ2, Resentence 1&2, Infamous, Heavenly Sword, GOW, Heavy Rain, MAG, Racht & Clank 2 (full games). All these games already released, I didn’t count upcoming games.

Compared to that you can't say their doing a good job, the only great game from them was Folklore, and the only great upcoming ones are TLG and GT5.

They should set up more studios there with good talent, and with the bad shape of the Japanese games industry they can end up taking a leading role in the future.

raztad2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

WTF with the ridiculous hate agianst SCEJ?

It seems some of you forgot SCEJ is in charge of GT5 and The Last Guardian besides some other brilliant games Baka already mentioned. Also, there is no doubts in my mind, thanks to SCEJ relationship with Kojima, we had MGS4 and all MGS on PSP exclusively.

Stop the BS ASAP.

Game-ur2969d ago

But GT5 & TLG are not released yet, 4 years and no AAA game, while the western divisions released about 15-20 AAA games.

In Japan there is still 3rd party exclusives like MGS4, DS and Yakuza, because of that SCEJ are slaking off.

Redempteur2969d ago

"In Japan there is still 3rd party exclusives like MGS4, DS and Yakuza, because of that SCEJ are slaking off. "

what are you smoking ?
they helped demon soul , they-'re working on GT5 ( one of the bigeest release this year ) and LAST GUARDIAN while releasing a huge number of PSN games ( from echochrome to patapon ) while releasing almost every PSone classic they are asked for .

also they are helping with White knight PSP and they helped for white knight 2

it's your right you not like these games ..but SCEJ is working ..get your facts right should also see the amont of content tey are pulling each week for HOME ..

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cellypower2969d ago

Thats disappointing! Maybe thats holding up cross game chat. There company structure needs to be more united.

ZombieAutopsy2969d ago

It seems as if SCEJ have just been working with third parties mainly this gen.

Game-ur2969d ago

"When we talked about the Tokyo Game Show this year, he mentioned that he got to see footage of this new game when he was in Japan not too long ago. 'It looked crazy! Really, I don’t know how they come up with that stuff.' "

Maybe it’s the game with animals in Tokyo that was reported by Fametsu?

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zoks3102969d ago

"Another thing that came up in our little chat, was something that I have always been curious about. I wrote about this earlier this year: Why is it that PlayStation Network evolves so slowly when compared to Xbox Live? And how come the social features aren’t up to par with today’s standard? “Well”, he said, “the main reason for that, is because all the big decisions are still being made in Japan.

That’s where they develop the core firmware as well. And we’ve been trying to take over their work here in Europe and the US, or at least divide the tasks, but without success. See, they’re really stubborn. And they have other priorities over there. They don’t care much about social media and online gaming. Not many people play online games in Japan, apart from the ones that are into MMO’s. but, as I said, we’re still working on it and we’ll get there eventually. I mean, we know it’s a big deal here in Europe and in the US. And we’re frustrated by the fact that Sony Japan really slows things down.”

WOW why would Japan work against its own product like this, either this guy is making this up or SCEJ is really stupid.

Punch-o2969d ago

SCEJ acting like a stubborn old man.I know who's to blame now it take so long for features to come.

Godmars2902969d ago

All I'm hearing is that Sony intents to dominate TGS with examples, rather than hype.

cellypower2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

I think thats why SCEA used as a petition to SCEJ HQ, but I guest that hasn't worked. "See, they’re really stubborn. And they have other priorities over there"

Punch-o2969d ago

Maybe we should start a blog "SCEA AND SCEE should be in charge of firmware updates and PSN online".SCEJ would be pissed lol.

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