First Halo Video Review Hits the Net: "Best Halo Game Ever"

One of the most anticipated games of this year is Halo Reach, the final love child in the broken romance of Bungie and Microsoft. Is Reach a worthy followup to the hit game franchise and a deserving swan song for Bungie?

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coolcut1353019d ago

its not like they will take the chance and say it isnt good

Jamegohanssj53019d ago

ROFL! Seriously they say this for every Halo game.


3019d ago
jrbeerman113019d ago


That goes for all sequels

nickjkl3019d ago

i dont like this review it has no negatives you cant make a review and only speak of the good parts


this time they are right. This IS the best Halo game ever and the real HALO NEXT GEN. Not Halo 3, Halo 3 was just Halo 2 HD. That said the Halo fans and FPS fans are going to have a lot of fun with this game. Im not going to spoil anything so I end my opinion saying that unfortunately for some of us, the HALO franchise get tired and repetitive. Im tired of it but at least Reach bring me back the good old XBOX (original) moments of Halo 2.


kaveti66163019d ago


You don't know anything about Halo 3 if you're going to call it "just Halo 2 HD."

Halo 3 has more features than most games released today. Your silly put-downs are annoying.

Aloren3019d ago

You really think halo 3 is halo 2 HD ? So when you see Zanzibar in Halo 2 and Last Resort in halo 3, you see little difference ?

tplarkin73019d ago

That's why they say this for every Halo game.

kaveti66163019d ago


I'm no fanboy, but I've been reading your comment history. You never seem to have anything critical to say about PS3 games.

Halo 3 isn't even HD, first of all. If I was a Halo fanboy, I wouldn't point that out. Its native res is 640p.

Halo 3 has more features than Halo 2. If it was just Halo 2 in HD, wouldn't the multiplayer be exactly the same with the same maps and the same weapons? Yet Halo 3 has many more weapons than Halo 2, including spikers, maulers, spike grenades, spartan lasers, missile launchers, removable gun turrets, the Hammer, and so on and so forth. What about the different tools, such as the bubble shield, the grav lift, the radar jammer, the health drain, etc? Were those in Halo 2?

What about all the different game modes in Halo 3 that aren't in Halo 2's mp, such as team doubles, big team battle, team duals, crazy king, Hammerzeit, lone wolves and all its variations, team rockets, shotty snipers, team VIP, rumble pit, and so on and so forth?

How can you say that Halo 3 is just Halo 2 in HD, if Halo 3 has so many more game modes and weapons that Halo 2 doesn't have?

I'm not done by the way.

What about Forge, theater mode, and all the user generated content that springs from it? Can you make your own maps in Halo 2 and share it with the rest of the Bungie community? Can you record video clips or entire matches and share them? Can you take screenshots and share them? Can you do any of these things in Halo 2?

Doesn't Halo 3 also have 4-player online co-op? Does Halo 2 have it? Does Halo 2 have prowlers, pelicans, or choppers? No?

Are you done saying stupid shit?

And don't say "PEACE and GAMING" at the end of your posts. Leave that sig to people who are actually unbiased, and actually enjoy gaming.

No Way3019d ago

Dude, almost every sequel doesn't have anything 'drastically' new.
But, if you watched the video, they updated the Forge. Thas new.
They added new gameplay elements, and scenarios. That's new.
They added some new partner AI, Spartans.. with faces. That's new.
It looks even prettier, then the others. That's.. new?

That's just what I got from a 5 minute video..

Tron_Rocks3019d ago

Me thinks you need glasses comparing
Halo 2
Halo 3

The review ok but I want to see something from
IGN/G4TV/Gamespot/Gametrailer s.

It matters not as I have pre-ordered this game. It will be just about the biggest game of the year right up there with Red Dead

ExplosionSauce3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

A lot better than that 2007 disappointment.
Halo 3 wasn't even HD dude, haha.

pimpmaster3019d ago

i just beat the game yesterday. the story sucks, really sucks. its basically go here and do this, go there and do that. military missions, theres not much side story or anything. no spoilers but as for the ending, i just had a feeling of..... thats it??? iguess it falls into the timeline perfectly but the story mode just feels incomplete , there was no final boss fight.


I have all the console and I am gaming since I was five. i lived trough all the generations and last gen my fave console was the original xbox, but you said I am biased an a fanboy then I HAVE TO BELIEVE YOU? LOL Jesus guys calm down. I was just telling my opinion. Something that this site is not worth with guys like you. Ohh and I stand that HALO 3 is just HALO 2 HD. Ohh and Im talking about the graphics, something you could not understand but is ok.

Last I said PECE AND GAMING because no matter what console you preffer the most important thing is gaming...and peace, something you aparently dont understood. Its ok buddy keep disagreeing in my comments if that makes you happy but I will keep commenting no matter what you said.


Socrates3019d ago

You're not the only one that has been playing games that long.

If you think Halo 3 looks like Halo 2 in HD then you are truly blind.

Anyway, who cares how long you have been playing games. That doesn't make you not biased. kaveti6616 is right about you never criticizing PS3 games. That reveals your bias. Why don't you say that GOW3 is GOW2 HD? Because you are biased.

Halo Reach looks outstanding.

Commander_TK3018d ago

why r u guys hating? Oh, right. Because it's not on the PS3 -_-

ExplosionSauce3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

I wasn't. Reach looks great, looking forward to it. But 3 was overrated.

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Zir03019d ago

Indeed they would loose all their credibility for lying.

Chris3993019d ago

And Square Enix (360 Bullshots for FF XIII). I could go on, but those two came to me in mere instants.

Gamers have no real mobilization or consumer threat, none at all. We eat up hyperbole and b.s. like its ice cream. We get $15 on disc DLC and rage on the internet, then go purchase it.

The entire industry is just one big advertisement. That aside, I'm sure that this game will please Halo fans and be of AAA caliber (whatever that even means anymore). Bungie is a solid developer. But your comment is just so misinformed.

Sony3603019d ago

10 dumbasses disagreed with you.

Seriously, Ps3 fans. GTFO of here. We're bored of your trolling.

bustamove3018d ago

Because 360 fanboys don't troll either, right? Stop playing the victim.

RedDead3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Sequels should be superior. I'd be surprised if they said it wasn't, apparerntly it's the succesor to Halo 1 which is he best soo..

EDIT---Coolcut, you could say that for every anticipated game, do you think people lied about Uncharted 2? Of course not

coolcut1353019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

i am just saying its something expected. i knew wht would be in the review before even watching

RedDead3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Yeah I suppse, is there spoilers in the review?? I've watched half of it and yes! There's is gameplay spoilers. Alot!

A Cupcake for Gabe3019d ago

well its a

ODST was garbage, but this one looks pretty cool.

Natsu X FairyTail3019d ago

the hate as already started. PEOPLE SHALL REMEMBER REACH!

lmao im not even that much of a halo fan. Im just pissin the Ps3lames.

nickjkl3019d ago

blazing that explains alot ar eyou anon from 4chan

Sony3603019d ago

Number of disagrees only proves that you are correct.

Now that the first review it out, and is very positive, the hate has begun.

Redrum0593019d ago

looking good bungie, looking good :)

TROLL EATER3019d ago

remember reach when ps3 fanboys kept dreaming of it.

cliffbo3019d ago Show
DigitalAnalog3019d ago

How exactly does that play out?

-End statement

Cueil3018d ago

I would like to know if each level is an open space or if the game takes place in one giant area that you can move to and from at will

lelo2play3019d ago

LOL... the hate begins... all over again.

RedDead3019d ago

prea=fared ODST to H3 anyway. It was just miles overpriced, so I rented it

Pistolero3019d ago

first of all, ODST was far from was a great game that I had a lot of fun with.
second of all, you are full of crap....they didnt say that about ODST...the reviews are lower for ODST and I dont think anybody said it was the best Halo overall. there were a couple reviewers that said it had the best story...but i don't think a single reviewer said it was the best Halo overall.

callahan093019d ago

This looks excellent. I'll be the first to say that Halo ODST was an insult. It was an overpriced mess and I the campaign was so unfocused, and I didn't like the new HUD with all those visor overlay effects. I have enjoyed each Halo game less and less, but I absolutely adored the first 3 nonetheless, while simply hating the last one.

But this one looks like the best one yet, and by far. Finally a true leap in graphics from the previous Halo games, what looks to be a more interesting story, great looking level designs, and the more versatile features with a very robust Forge editor and lots of matchmaking options in co-op for the campaign, special co-op missions, and competitive gaming. Basically, I'm finally excited to play Halo again for the first time since 2007.

I've been considering getting a brand new 360. My old one is one of the obnoxiously loud ones, and I have a 20gb hard drive, 8gb of which is occupied by system files. I have my XBLA games and game saves taking up the remainder of the space, and I like to have them on hand at all times so I'm reluctant to delete any of them. So what I'm left with is no room to play with for purchasing new XBLA games, no room to buy DLC, no room to install games, no room to get videos or demos.

With a new 360 I would have room for all of that stuff. I would also have a quieter machine to make my experience of using it better.

So I am considering getting one.

There's just one thing preventing me from taking the plunge right now: I am not a big Gears of War fan, and I'm planning on waiting and getting Fable 3 when it comes out for PC because I'm primarily a PC gamer. So all that really leaves me interested in is Halo Reach and some XBLA games. Should I get a new 360 considering there aren't many exclusives for the system that are enticing to me? I'll get the multiplatform titles on my PC, as I said before.

Would having a new 360, being a quieter, more pleasant experience to play with, having more HDD space to play with, give me more incentive to look at other games for the 360 platform and play more things on the 360 that I might not have played in the past (for instance, Halo Wars, which I never gave a try, or some of the exclusive RPGs from the past that I never tried like Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon)? With not much on the horizon that interests me, would a new 360 be kind of a waste, or would having a new one generate more interest in me for what's coming in the future? Maybe if I had a new, more pleasant to use 360 I would just get Fable 3 on 360 instead of waiting until they deign to release the Windows version which currently has no release date?

I would like some honest, as little bias as possible opinions based on my situation as I've described it on whether or not it sounds like a good idea in your opinion for me to take the plunge on the new 360.

Has anybody here had an older one that they weren't using much anymore and bought a new one thus reinvigorating your interest in playing on the 360?

I'll take pro-purchase and anti-purchase advice into consideration and make my decision. I have weighed some pros and cons on this for the last week and I keep thinking "today I'll do it" but then when I go to reach for my wallet, I decide not to. I am in a stalemate on this decision, so I could use some help deciding!

RedDead3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Haha, my 360 is like that too, loud as a fucking aeroplane. I've had it(well it's been refurbished 3 times) since 06

Also don't get a new one, i'm like you, Halo Reach is the last game of interest to me, I might sell it after that unless there's something else i'll play for only 360 in the future, Lost odysee is on Pc aswell i'm pretty sure. Hao Wars while it is good and fun, it is still beaten by any good pc rts. I have a ps3 aswell, I recommend you get one if your getting a new console at all,as an example, over the next few months LbP2 and Gt5 are exclusive for it. I dunno what else is coming out but there's always some exclusive i'm looking forward too on it. Heavy Rain, God of war 3, uncharted 2, Killzone 2, Demons souls. To be honest until about 08 there wasn't anything of interest to me on Ps3, I was still waiting and 360 was king back then because there was Forza 2, Gears 1, halo 3 and Mass effect that I looked forward to so much. Xbox live was also way better than Psn but it's not that much better anymore. It only has Private chat over PSn(which I can use skype for anyway).

All in all a Pc and PS3 combo will give you access to most games.

Edit ---Oh and I'm always looking forward to FF versus 13. I swear if that's not great S-E is going on the list

elpresador3019d ago

....I applaud bungie for coming up with a new way to play the game and it had a decent story and was fun to play, the INSULT I would say was from MS as they took what was planned by bungie to be a $40 game and jacked up the price.

FInally, it is the ONLY Halo game to take place fully on Earth instead of just a few levels here and there.

callahan093019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

I didn't say that it was an insult from Bungie. I didn't specify. I agree that it was Microsoft who did the insulting by not giving people the option to buy the game as a standalone. A lot of Halo fans already owned all of the content on the second disc and there was no need to include it in the only version of the game available. Technically I'd say the set was worth the 60 dollar price tag, but only if you didn't already own the disc 2 content. I did own it, and therefore couldn't justify the price. Which then had this negative effect on my appreciation for the game. I felt bitter right from the get-go because of the price. Then when it came to actually playing, it just felt like an unfocused Halo 3 without the ability to dual-wield or regenerate health. I just didn't like what they'd done with it, but I'm sure some of that had to do with my bitterness at the price point.

P.S.: Only one person actually responded to my comment with advice as I requested. Instead of people actually being civil on this website and utilizing the comments section for what it's here for: TO DISCUSS GAMES AND GAMING, people just slam the disagree button on me without even bothering to give me a reply, without even an ounce of advice on whether it's worth upgrading to the new 360 for someone who has the old, loud one with a small hard drive. Thanks guys, You've been a big help /s

bustamove3018d ago

Don't worry about it. I saw where you were coming from there. People automatically assume you're a PS3 fanboy out to bash the game so they slam the disagree button.

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Consoldtobots3019d ago

I don't care about the fanboy pissin contest, Halo:Reach is a good game from me having enjoyed the BETA very much and that's all it should be. It's because 360 fanboys try to hold it as some massive braggin right over the PS3 fanbase that it gets hated on so much. enjoy good games for what they are not what obnoxious fanboys claim them to be.

BABY-JEDI3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

This game really looks the business. I'm looking forward to playing this. So should all gamers. : )

LEGENDARY PELON3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

If the ps3 really does everything and has a tone of great exclusives as you guys claim, dnt you guys supposed to be playing them, instead of being the first ones to bash/trash an Xbox/Halo Reach article??!?!!!

I smell jealousy/hate!!!!!!

gamerzBEreal173019d ago

and? we all know there are way better FPS out there then the hole halo franchise combined!

Gam3s4lif33019d ago

...the guy who was narrating the review made the game sound boring cos of his monotone voice...imo...
still gonna get this game tho

Sony3603019d ago

It's not like they'll say it isn't good when it's actually good either, idiot.

Pistolero3019d ago

wow, the ps3 cultists are really out in full force in this article.....hate, hate, hate....all because Halo is an amazing game and they are jealous and threatened by it.
but whatever, Halo Reach is going to be an awesome game and I am going to enjoy the hell out of it.

TheSadTruth3018d ago

How can you review a game and not talk about the story mode? How good is the plot? How long is it? This is what is going to make or break my purchase, you didn't really tell us anything, which makes me think he hasn't even played the game, just the beta.

monkeybizz3018d ago

Im so hyped for reach now. Cant wait to get into it.

monkeybizz3018d ago

Somebody disagrees that i am hyped? Hmmm somehow that does not even make sense.
Ah well last bubble since computer spazzed out.

monkeybizz3018d ago

Im so hyped for reach now. Cant wait to get into it.

monkeybizz3018d ago

Im so hyped for reach now. Cant wait to get into it.

cleanhealthy123018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

haha this is funny as fk how many disagrees people get, fanboys still jealous over halo. LOL

"ROFL! Seriously they say this for every Halo game."
-ROFL! clearly youre so mad halo is a good gme/series. you jelous? yes, yes you are.

" i dont like this review it has no negatives you cant make a review and only speak of the good parts "
-LOL bet he wouldnt say the same about ps3 games, or about mgs4 which had no downsides either.

"Halo is amazing.
That's why they say this for every Halo game. "
-obviously they are good games, stop being upset

how pathetic of a person do you have to be to take this console wars thing serious. either youre a bunch of losers or youre all 12 year olds.
-and no im not calling gamers losers/nerds/geeks, just the stupid fanboys.

n4gno3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Oh, unreal tournament 2004 solo (same graphics and gameplay) ? oh it's halo, his arcade son.

" and they are jealous and threatened by it"

lol, nobody cares, only desperated xbox'fans can think that, with ps3's hardware and software real domination : not an opinion, but pure fact
(if a guy really want to play it with friends, he just buy unreal tournament...or a chip xbox)

"If those games are so good then how come their communities dwindle so quickly?

because they have 10X more great games to play probably.
(if i only have halo to play, then i will play it a lot)

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TheLeprachaun3019d ago

This is hardly a review. Half the stuff the guys says doesn't make any sense.

"Halo Reach doesn't have the best story but Bungie can spin a good yarn"?. That sentence means nothing.

spunnups3019d ago

One of the worst reviews i've ever witnessed. There's absolutely zero flow to it and it sounds like the guy is reading it for the first time. I'm not even sure he played it.

King_many_layers3018d ago

i'm glad to have found people who think this review was horrible, his speech was grating at me too.

Also a review with a Pre-order advert at the beginning ??

Riiiiiiiiiiiigggghhht........ .

A Cupcake for Gabe3019d ago

"The graphics may not be up to par with other shooters, but the engine can really deal out a full house when the pot's hot"

ok i made that up, but yeah much of this review is kind of stupid.

ljastangs213019d ago

Hhaha I heard that and geeked

LowDef3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Saying something without having to actually say anything. Gotta love it.

IrieMars3019d ago

Yeah it was a pretty bad review. He contridicted himself several times. And at the end of the article he just plugs his website so that people will buy from them. I have never seen a review with a shamless plug like this.

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TrevorPhillips3019d ago

Only 9 days to go till Halo: Reach hits the shelves :D

TrevorPhillips3019d ago

I dont really care for no review, I just want the game thats all..

chazjamie3019d ago

be prepared guys. this is only the beginning. From ign to those german sites, every single website is going to inlclude best halo ever in their header. The review might be a little dangerous by critisising the gameplay, but to avoid being castrated by commentary, the rating will be a perfect score.

What a shit time for gaming right now.or for n4g. cant wait for those cod reviews as well.

dtalon33019d ago

a shit time for gaming? because a true sequel came out? your a jaded hater. IF Bungie delivers on what they have shown then they have gone above and beyond any other company, ESPECIALLY when the sheer amount of game modes and content beats out any other fps on the console market.

chazjamie3019d ago

i should of said journalism. i am not taking a shot at the game. even i am interested in it. but i dont want the site to be flooded with redundant and hypocritical reviews. lots of content is not innovation, and games that lack it are written off as crap. i just want a balance. but hey thats me. sorry if i offended you. but i am tired of reading reviews that contradict their own rules that they state at the start of the review

-Alpha3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

I understand where you are coming from chaz, but so rarely do I see this kind of "brace yourself for the over-hyped critical acclaim" than I do with Halo. Yet, I've seen tons of things about Uncharted 2 that claim innovation, or "being the best", but everybody is in unison and agreement when it comes to that game.

A lot of PS3 fans are sick of people praising Halo, but I don't see why it should bother them.

Not trying to start anything, but I'm fine with reviews and people calling Halo Reach the best Halo game. It's been done for numerous games and exaggerations/hype has always been around. If that's how reviewers feel, then fine by me. I see no reason to make Halo the central fault for this kind of journalism, but I am quite expecting numerous people to do so just to trash on Reach.

I do expect Reach to "be the best" naturally because it's the newest title. The devs should be aiming to make it the best. I am expecting hype to be met, but this can be said about any game. I just don't get why people are always quick to make Halo the target for this kind of criticism.

Active Reload3019d ago

What's a synonym for best? Pinnacle, Zenith...idk, lol. But it would be safe to say that there is More of what made the other games good...sooo.