Vanquish devs went through 'hell' trying to optimize the game

The Japanese developer had trouble achieving platform parity with Bayonetta, and it seems that Vanquish gave Platinum Games a similar challenge.

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Natsu X FairyTail2968d ago

They went through hell but it will payoff in the end. Vanquish is bulding up to be one of the Big Titles of 2010. Day 1 purchase thats 4sure.

gauntletpython2968d ago

Yeah, for some reason I was concerned that Mikami would have trouble making cover-based shooter (look at other recent Japanese attempts - Quantum Theory, Lost Planet). Everything was dispelled by the demo though. Vanquish is a genre redefining game from the little I played.

Tricksy2968d ago

Im quite surprised by it. It looks fun and its not even my type of game.

krouse932968d ago

Quantum Theory isn't even out yet though..

Cevapi882967d ago

the best part about the demo was that your AI counterparts actually helped you out, took out some enemies, and when the boss battle came, they actually helped in destroying incoming missiles, plus they kept their main attack on the core while you took out the legs/arms....i was surprised that i didnt have to do all the work

AndrewRyan2967d ago

"Vanquish devs went through 'hell' trying to optimize the game"
I call trolling on this one! Only Kratos could go through hell and survive!

Trey_4_life2967d ago

This game is going to be good, a sleeper hit if you like. Could you imagine the possibilities if it was exclusive to the PS3? considering it's being held back by the limited underpowered 360 it still looks beautiful and flows extremely nicely.

LoydX-mas2967d ago

Please site the exact quote in the article where the developer says the 360 was "holding back" this game.

Oh yeah, you can't.

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TheBand1t2968d ago

I don't know about Genre redefining. I just know it's gonna be fun to play.

SIX2968d ago

Wish it was a bit sharper, but what is there is really impressive. When that Robot changed form I was so blown away. It looked like a high quality CG movie.

8thnightvolley2968d ago

SECOND on that i am getting this

Jazz41082967d ago

its about the insanely hard system sony put out that no one wants to work with.

jadenkorri2967d ago

day 1 for me, when i speed slide under than rolling/flying tank or whatever that kills you if it hits you, was a great moment.

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chazjamie2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

too man games coming out in october. july august and september were such dead months of gaming. come october, we have

wwe (for my friend),
ass creed (for my friend),
call of duty,
gt 5,
motion sensing crap,
f*cking halo,
dead rising,
naruto (for my friend),
the force unleashed 2,
plus the soccer and driving games from ea. and the pro evo. and MOH.

I would like to play and buy all those games. unfortunely for me, i dont have 4grand for games. i can only choose 2 games.

the list goes on, if you want to include wii shovelware (the party game) and other casual games.

if i was in the industy, i would firstly reduce the price to that of a music cd, (since they releasing it all at once). secondly, i would pay someone to shoot me, because 20 games over a period of 3-4 months plus the awesome sequels coming out early in 2011 is just retarded.

shadowfox2968d ago

Price reduction would get more people to buy them, which could lead to greater brand awareness and more DLC sales. I think publishers can make a legit argument for lower prices.

CaptainMarvelQ82968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

game prices right now are considered low by developers
they would raise the price even more if they can

MicroSony4Life2968d ago

The game does not have online multi-player or multiple endings. The game will be good but after you finish it and do not really have a reason to go back and play you will probably end up trading it at game stop for less than what you paid - Should have included some more features if they are going to charge the full $60 - same reason I did not buy Alan Wake at launch and just got it for$30.

Unicron2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Why can't you replay it for fun and the satisfying gameplay?

I don't understand the mentality of "play it once and trade it in fast fast fast!"

karl2968d ago

i dont think it should be looked at like.. how much time can i get out of it...
but rather.. how much money and effort they put into the game..

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dosgrtr2968d ago

in september my friend

Redempteur2967d ago

you sure buy games for "your friend" lol

chazjamie2967d ago

i mean thats the games he buys. i dont know why he keeps on buying wwe

Neurotoxin2968d ago

I had the misfortune in working for sega about the time Bayonetta was released, nobody gave a flying turd about it. Bayonetta releasing on PS3 was just a way for sega to make a bit of money instead of it being exclusive to 360 thus the reason for sega handling the port.

I'm glad i left.

gauntletpython2968d ago

I know you left, but did they seem to care more about Vanquish? Also, what position did you hold at Sega?

ShoryuSwordsman2968d ago

they learned they're lesson...what with bayonetta selling more on ps3 n all. good 4 u


from my understanding, PG handled the porting, so I don't think sega even partook in it...

Neurotoxin2968d ago

The position of games tester....... i was rather bad at it, however they kept me on regardless until the projects had finished. Take that how you will.

Axisian2967d ago

NEX Entertainment did the port, not SEGA.

Neurotoxin2967d ago

yep, Nex entertainment, who are owned by Sega.

Axisian2967d ago

Wrong again.

They are private studio:

owned much?

MGRogue20172968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

"The journey is the reward." ~ Tao Saying


"To climb steep hills requires a slow pace at first." ~ Shakespeare

Gobot2968d ago

"The journey is the reward."

the journey is the reward if you have no money while traveling.

"To climb steep hills requires a slow pace at first."

if you're a fat @ss then yea, you need to start at a slow pace

Ocelot5252968d ago

so loading times are also rewards?

NeutralGamer2967d ago

"The journey is the destination"

is it not more like that?

Gobot2968d ago

They went through hell to optimize it, and its going to sell like crap, lol!
I wonder who's in charge of release dates over there at SEGA.
10/12 medal of honor. 10/19 fallout.
Vanquish and Enslaved are destined for failure. oh, and i will buy this game day60 when its 20-30bucks

zatrox2968d ago

I'd rather buy Vanquish (oh and belive me, I AM going to buy it) than MoH or Fallout: New Vegas.

But yes, you're right. They shouldn't have released it on October.

But destined to failure? Pffhaha. Or well, so I'd like to belive that they aren't.

Gobot2968d ago

halo reach is coming out on the 14th, during this time all the kids are going to buy anything that is halo branded, controllers,mics, etc.
By the time Vanquish comes around people are going to have spent all of their money on other games,so yea, Vaquish is screwed, bro

Snakefist302968d ago

Vanqiush is a multiplatform game it's not like xbox exclusive.Vanquish gonna sale on both xbox and ps3 its gonna sell well.Well Im gonna buy the Vanquish on PS3.

Offtopic:I think tat Gobot is a kid.

guzman2968d ago

Gobot: Go play in traffic.

Gobot2968d ago

You couldn't come up with anything to say? oh, that's right, you can't cause what i said up there was 100% truth.
Anyone in their right mind will just wait till the price drops and i think everyone knows its going to flop

Anon73492967d ago

Medal of Honour? Seriously? Another generic brown n' bloom shooter? Just because they are shooter doesn't mean they are in the same market and just because games get released near the same time does not mean the less popular games are going to sell less because of it.

Did starcraft 2 lower the sales of Blazblue: CS because they got released on the same day? No, they are completely different markets, one is a PC RTS and one is a console fighting game.

Also you have to be kidding about the Halo Reach thing, the only people who play stuff like that are 12 year old children like yourself and casual gamers.

NeutralGamer2967d ago

Enslaved is not bound to fail lol...

Maybe it wont sell 10 million, but it sure wont fail..

Oh and a review score in 8-9 is NOT fail...

You seem like the kind of guy who thinks that every game with a metascore under 9 and less than 10 million sold is going to fail.... Well it wont!

A game can sell only 1 copy and still be the best on earth -.-

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