Duke Nukem Forever: Official Web Site Reveals More Developers and Focus Test

The official web site od Duke Nukem Forever has gone live and shows that more teams, along with 3D Realms and Gearbox Software, are involved in the making of DNF.

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HyperBear2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

well you would think that over a 13 year development period of time, there would be a diverse group of studios all heavily involved in making the game. 3DRealms, Gearbox, Triptych and Danger Inc were all involved in this game, and together with 2K publishing it, Duke should be somewhat worth the wait(however, I can just see the negative reviews from jounalists and gaming sites already)

lolzers2991d ago

No matter what happens the game will not be enough in some peoples eyes, even if it's excellent. It might turn out to be a complete turd, but even if it's not the build-up has been so long that expectations of the game will never be met.

Raider692991d ago

A turd i doubt!I will be from good to average just like Gearbox games!Borderlands plus Brothers in Arms!

DaBadGuy2991d ago

This game went from dead to the top of my list in a day. I still can't believe it's actually coming this time, they showed the box art, they showed the gameplay, all signs point to the Feb 22 release, if that's the actual release, that's just what I've heard. I guess I shouldn't get my hopes up and not believe it until the game is in my hands. I'm sure they'll be doing a special edition of this game too, I wonder what the hell they'll pack in with the game? Maybe....Duke sunglasses? A bottle of steroid candy? a Duke Burger?

2991d ago
YoungKingDoran2991d ago

lol when i saw the first pic i thought; "whoa, they really made dukes arm look like a total wuss arm" ... then i was like "ohhh, hehe"

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