The Major Problem With Duke Nukem Forever Finally Coming Out Is..

The major problem that Gearbox and 2K have on their hands with Duke Nukem Forever is that it will be almost impossible for this game to live up to expectations. When this game finally does get released, whether its good or bad, we should celebrate the fact that it finally got released at all, that a few people thought that it could be great and fought to see it come to fruition.

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IrishYamato2965d ago

All DNF needs is: Guns, Babes, Blood, Babes, Guts, Babes, Funny phrases, Babes, One-liners, Babes, Ass kicking, Babes and Bubblegum.

deadreckoning6662965d ago

AND a kickass multiplayer mode.

Quagmire2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

Has anyone mentioned babes? coz yeah, more babes...




No, he didn't.

You see how he typed BABES, this one is included.

ChineseDemocracy2965d ago

Time to return to the Land of the Babes.

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gunnerforlife2965d ago

F*** multi player mode!!!!
just give us a bad ass single player and one that'll last me 15 hours or so an you can throw away the multi player.

vickers5002965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

F*** that, I want both. There is NO f*cking excuse why these devs cannot bring both, so the whole "mp will ruin this game" excuse is COMPLETE F'ng bullsh**. They've had 12 years to make this game, so if this games sp ends up being mediocre and happens to have a mp mode, there is no way in hell you can blame multiplayer this time. You will only be able to blame it on the crappy/lazy developer, because they have had all the time in the world.

Anon73492965d ago


Are you a complete moron?

They didn't actually have 12 years to develop the game, if you actually believe that... well that speaks for itself.

Also people like you that say games always need multiplayer need to die. I bet you also think vanquish needs multiplayer(Have fun slowing down time).

vickers5002964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

They may not have had exactly 12 years, but they've had well enough time to create both, you idiot.

"Also people like you that say games always need multiplayer need to die."

I didn't say every game needed multiplayer you dumb piece of sh*t, I said that Duke Nukem Forever SHOULD have multiplayer, as well as a long ass single player game, because they have definitely had enough time to craft both. Even 4 years is enough time to make both.

Also, people like you that say NO game needs multiplayer need to die. Just because it doesn't suit your liking, doesn't mean it's worthless or inferior to single player you retarted, egotistical, douchebag.

"I bet you also think vanquish needs multiplayer(Have fun slowing down time)."

I don't think it NEEDS it, but it would definitely benefit from it if done right. F*ck off and learn to accept that not everyone shares your outdated bullsh*t opinion "onley singul playurrr matturs!!1one".

Mista T2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

DNF is gonna be an amazing game because everything you listed. it's gonna be so fun and immersive, it gonna feel like your in Duke's boots

spectyre2965d ago

Duke is all out of bubblegum

TrailerParkSupervisr2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

That is the breath of fresh air we need. Games now, albeit, cool games, are so intense and story driven. They strive to give us cinematic quality which is a good thing but every so often a man needs to just run and gun and shoot the crap outta pig cops whilst dropping classic one-liners like only Duke can do.

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Akagi2965d ago

is... the amount of articles about Duke Nukem coming out.

cdland2965d ago

Never gets old... long live the king baby... with more babes... :D

RedGr3mlin2965d ago


1. Duke the ultimate ass kicker is back AFTER 12 years.

2. Shrink guns FTW :D, field goald with boss eyes.

3. Training mode = Learn how to piss in a standing toilet :D!



6. C4 with DUKES VOICE when it goes off!
*Throw the button! DUKE SAY = BOOM hehehe
(Priceless! :D)


8. Did i say BABES?! LOL

9. Paint a monster on a white board with the words
Co*k blocker LOOOOL

So i realy dont know "witch" expetations this game shuld live up to when it alrady have everything in it?

Have waited 12 years 4 this bad boy! Cant believe i will play it finaly soon :D!

Hell my girlfriend thought i was crazy when i was shaouting: HAIL TO THE KING BABY! and she will never understand why i love duke nukem so much.

Hell if SHE by it 4 me in pressent i will f*** marry her :D


GigaGaia2965d ago

Too bad most people who cared about it when it was announced just don't care anymore.

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