HD Gameplay Shots of Duke Nukem Forever looks Amazing

Some impressive high-res screenshots of Duke Nukem Forever shows mothership action.

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MGRogue20172964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

... Is it finally coming out??

The_Claw2964d ago

finally some nice screens of DNF. Beer button FTW

Chnswdchldrn2964d ago

im curious to see how the egometer is used in the game

Lord_Doggington2964d ago

a lot of these shots are really old....are they even of the gearbox make?

infamousdrake2964d ago

i dnt think they are old men these are from the pax demo
these same levels were being played
its coming nxt year anyways graphics will improve hope that it has the elements and atmosphere of the first game

washingmachine2964d ago

looks just like a shooter with the duke name attacht,why didnt they just remake the old one with newr graphics etc,same with doom.

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