Brand New Crysis 2 Shots shows Awesome Graphic Effects

Some brand new screenshots of Cryteks Crysis 2 shows amazing graphics.

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Quagmire2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

I dont care what people say, Crysis 2 has amazing graphics.

Cry Engine 3 is really something.

8-bit2964d ago

I am really looking forward to this game. On that note, I don't know how the CONSOLE version of Crysis will compare to Killzone 3 visually but I can't wait to find out. I wan't to see a comparison after both games are in completed form. It will be a close match there is no doubting it but I think KZ will have the upper hand (on consoles) because the custom engine built to maximize potential on the PS3 alone and not catering to the other platforms. But for now no one can tell since they are both incomplete and what really throws a wrench into this comparison is the fact that you will have high end PC Crysis graphics thrown into the competition just because. At least Killzone on the PS3 can be compared to PC games I guess.

DarkFantasy2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

Quagmire .. who ever said Crysis 2 didn't look good looks amazing! some good shooters Finely on there way! enough of this Call of duty BS Bring on The Crysis 2 ect.

8-bit they both looks so good even if one looked slightly better then the other it doesn't really matter cause it wont be that much of a difference I will be getting Killzone 3 first and Crysis 2 shortly after..not sure if i'm going to get Crysis 2 for PC or my PS3 yet but both are going to be crazy games,and im sure both games are going to score 9/10s or 10/10s all over the place! im holding off on shooters this year for those 2 games :P

Robearboy2964d ago

Nodding my head with approval

WhittO2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

Glad there are a number of engines out there taking full advantage of hardware, instead of devs being lazy and just using the Unreal Engine, you can always tell which games use the unreal engine and most of those games are crap! There I said it lol.
(Talking about the Multi-plat ports, not Gears etc)

iamgoatman2964d ago

Yeah, Mass Effect 1 and 2, Dead Space, Mirrors Edge, Borderlands and Batman: Arkham Asylum are all crap! /s

If used correctly, games using the UE3 can not only look diverse and graphically impressive, but they're normally very easy to run.

kaveti66162964d ago

Dead Space doesn't use the Unreal Engine.

tdrules2964d ago

Unreal Engine is the best engine on the market to educate people and produce the widest range of games.

WhittO2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

lol I'm talking all of the Multi-plat ports devs do, like what we could have got from Crysis 2 being ported to consoles.

Experienced Devs building an actual game ground-up for consoles is a different story.

danmachine2964d ago

version looked this good.

OSU_Gamer2964d ago

whether or not they lied, they did say that these are from the PS3 and 360

Nihilism2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

"Nah uh!!, KZ3 is better!"

I just wanted to be the first....


They really need to ban this god damn dutch website B.S


The resolution of the pics...every screenshot so far has been in 720p...

Panthers2964d ago

Well as far as consoles go, its going to be tough to top KZ3, but if anything can, its Crysis. Still I think its more of a art direction thing. I just played KZ2 story again and I am still blown away by the graphics.

Nihilism2964d ago

Art style is always more important that technical $#!+ in my opinion.

But crysis 2 looks pretty amazing as offense but KZ3 doesn't stray far from grey or sepia tones...

8-bit2964d ago

The color tones of Killzone are part of their art style but I am still waiting to see more levels. They mentioned an "Alien Jungle" and "Space Battles" so maybe they will have some color.

TrailerParkSupervisr2964d ago

Couldn't agree more. Art design is what sells the ambiance of a game. Demon's Souls is a perfect example. Obviously, it was not top of the line in crisp graphics but the overall feel of each level sucked me in and proceeded to steal, oh, about 150 hours of my life.

Jazz41082964d ago

I was not real immpressed with Killzone 2. maybe its the subpar game play. it looks good graphicaly but its just not all that fun.

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TRU3_GAM3R2964d ago

this is the console version.

raztad2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

how do you know?

EDIt: [email protected] people disagreeing on a question.

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