PlayStation Move - European Starter-Kit Sold Out at Amazon Germany

Germans love Move! The European PlayStation Move Starter-Kit is Sold Out at Online-Retailer Furthermore all Move Hardware and Devices are in the Top 20 Bestseller Charts

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raztad2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

LMAO. He is some posts bellow trying to spin this news.

OT: Nobody is expecting MOVE to sell massively day one, but is good thing people are interested in the tech. More people buying it more support from devels for the device. Mine is preordered. Cant wait to try it.

TOO PAWNED2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

Well Germans show their intellect, they know what is good and what isn't(it begins with letter K)

MisterNiwa2964d ago

Thank you.

Too bad I did not get my order from ...


Bigpappy2964d ago

They are talking about Move selling out, yet you don't want Omega to talk sales. Thats funny. He is actually on topic. The big question is what does sold out really mean? How many kits were sent to Amazon Germany? Were they only 10 kits, 50? Real numbers would give a better factual story.

raztad2964d ago


Who are you talking to?

I find Omega amusing. I'm even going to bubble him up.

gamingdroid2964d ago

"The big question is what does sold out really mean? How many kits were sent to Amazon Germany? Were they only 10 kits, 50? Real numbers would give a better factual story."

We probably won't find those numbers unless the PS Move does well. However, how come the article don't talk about the overall standing of PS Move in relation to the full video game chart, instead of the Sony only section. That would give you a better idea.

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Acquiescence2964d ago

let's all taste Omega4's tears, mmmmmmmm.

Prcko2964d ago

as i expected!!!
GJ Sony!

jack_burt0n2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

Damn means smaller online retailers are gonna have a tough time getting decent allocations.

Be very funny if Sony goofed by doing a limited initial run. But will turn into shortage Gotta have it! syndrome i ordered end of july hope i get it all.

Omega42964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

Still in stock in the UK, strange they are out of stock when they didn't even put a purchase limit on it.........

Still not gonna be as big as people think, still see Kinect outselling Moves WW installbase day one.

Why would I be scared? You guys should just stick to the angle of Move having more hardcore games than Kinect cause if you want to take the sales angle prepared to be owned, badly.

DORMIN2964d ago

Apparently it smells like butthurt! lol

This doesn't surprise me, wasn't GamesCon held in Germany? A lot of people probably got to try it and loved it.

Doc Sony2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

Oh COME ON ! Omega, it's the weekend don't you have anything better to do ?

MaximusPrime2964d ago

he's just waiting for Halo Reach. the only decent game on Xbox 360

Karooo2964d ago

we have games as a gamer thats all that matters, you are probably a microsoft employee.

Ask yourself do you really want to play on kinect? 360 fanboyism has blinded you

fooltheman2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

omega, don't flail you words if you can flail your hands ^^

zeksta2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

Now, correct me if i'm wrong, but weren't both of MS's Kinect Shows flops at both E3 and GC, not to mention the amount of embarrassing moves MS tried to pull of to make the Kinect look good, they completely failed with that.

Now, lets see what sony has to offer this year, We have MOVE, which is pretty much a great hit without the mass adverts, Portal 2, coming with Steam Support, KILLZONE 3, Twisted Metal 2011... Honestly, the amount of titles and support sony has to offer, it's no wonder their Sold out of Stock with the move in Germany.

The fact is, all Xbox has got to offer is Halo Reach, but correct me if i'm wrong again, didn't Bungie decide to become a Multi-Platform developer with Activison?

The fact is, Xbox has nothing left apart from pretty good services, a good looking console and Halo Reach, your gonna need alot more then "Sales" to see MS redeem themselves.

Might i suggest you get your act together, then do us a favor and supply some real info and then maybe try to TROLL then...

Chris3992964d ago

we'd never hear from him again.

99% of N4G knows that he's about as vapid as a balloon. I actually look forward to his comments now, just to see what ridiculous spew he ejects.

zeksta2964d ago

Yeah, it's obvious enough he is "Vapid as a Balloon", the funny thing is, the only real info he can get is Sales, otherwise he can't give any Quality Assurance. :)

TotalPS3Fanboy2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

You, sir, are correct.
Hence, there is no need to correct you.

fossilfern2964d ago

lol omega pretty arrogant quote, Germany is one of the largest markets in the EU along with France and the UK so if its sold out in Germany im pretty confident that will follow in France and here.

"You guys should just stick to the angle of Move having more hardcore games than Kinect"

So your openly admitting that kinect has no hardcore/good games on it at all ? nice trolling ! :D

zeksta2964d ago

Nice notice, it's nice to see he Screwed himself over, hopefully he's Face Palming himself now! LOL

jneul2964d ago

those 360 kinect orders will vanish come review time, kinect is going to bomb in reviews, well apart from cnet which will give it 6/5 just because it reports for MS...

a08andan2964d ago

Well we will see about those reviews, if MS really wants to screw the consumers, they won't lift the embargo for making reviews etc until the day of release. That would not be a very good thing for them to do though, If they don't want angry customers. Even fans of Xbox and MS have to agree to that (thanks for the disagrees I'm gonna get for saying that).

lodossrage2964d ago

Must you spend every moment you come here looking stupid?

You never have facts, are always a complete hypocrite, and do nothing but spin, spin, and spin some more. It's at the point that even when you try to troll ps3 info you make it sound better the 360. For example, let us take this quote for you:

"Why would I be scared? You guys should just stick to the angle of Move having more hardcore games than Kinect"

so right there even YOU (a 120% xbox fanboy), are admitting kinect won't service the hardcore like Move will.

Do yourself a favor, get a job so you can get yourself a ps3 and stop all this blind envy you have going.

CBaoth2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

The amount of money MS is going to put in Kinect's advertising will be staggering. It's going to sell. Most likely more than Move. Also, the Kinect bundle is cheaper than Sony's offering. Doesn't make it better, but there's going to be more consumer awareness for it and price point is always a factor.

A lot of problems though selling the most hardware with the least amount of substance. MS is walking a precarious line. The Nintendo Wii showed us all, you don't always get the most 3rd party support by selling the most hardware. Ironically, one of the Move's biggest complaints is it's a Wii-Mote clone. That's true but I see it from a completely different perspective. Now that 3rd parties can produce similar software supporting 2 companies (Wii & Move), why would you make an exclusive IP that can only generate revenue from just Kinect?

a08andan2964d ago

You mean the bundle with a console? Sony will most likely by the arrival of the holidays lower the price of their bundle so it matches the Xbox+Kinect one. Thats one of the things thats good with releasing it a few months before the holidays. They can then afford to lower the price to match the competition.

Baka-akaB2964d ago

here comes dj spinmaster

FOXDIE2964d ago

you must be a very sad sad person! :(

ethan2964d ago

He is probably just a teenage kid that gets no attention at home, so he comes online and does what he can to get some here. I imagine he enjoys being known by practically every N4G user.

FuturePerfect2964d ago

Poor Mart/pp/Power of...etc etc :D

PoorMansGT2964d ago

you are crazy if you think kinect will sell more than moves ltd day 1.its going to fail like hddvd.

mopground2964d ago

"Sure Move might have hardcore games and be more accurate,..."---- you know who said that???? you did omega. YOU DID.

btk2964d ago

With all the bad press and negative reviews and losing every comparison - I think Kinect is going to flop badly at the retail sales as well. I can imagine online orders could do well because of ignorance - but if someone steps into the gaming stores and sees Move and Kinect side by side - well - lets just say the retail sales for Kinect is going to be less than stellar.

mrv3212963d ago

Ok, to play Move you need 1 camera ( PSeye ) and one PSmove so... regardless of how many cameras sell post launch the only figure we can use it the number of MOVE controllers sold, even if it's to one user.

Even if some games require two move controllers and I'm pretty sure people will buy 2 move controllers they count as two SEPARATE devices.

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joypads2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

MOVE deserves all the success it gets,i'm glad GERMAN gamers has good taste in games + hardware's quality & functionality. ;)

Ps3 the WORLD's favourite HD console. ;)

lol new video here:shows the device made specially for the likes of omega4:

raztad2964d ago

There is so much fail in those videos. LOL. The first one is my all time fav.

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