Marquee Publishers Planning Big Things For Move Very Soon

SystemLink: "Official Playstation Magazine UK (#49) is the gift that keeps on giving. After some rather tepid Playstation Move launch title reviews, Ben Wilson is quick to clear things up that the Move isn't all shovelware:"

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yoshiro2964d ago

if move works on metal gear rising, im sold

WhittO2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

lol we know nothing about that game, doubt it will be anything to MGS4.

We already have RE5 for survival horror with Move, I'd like something in terms of maybe Half Life or something, would be more impactfull. I think Move would work well will interacting with objects in the game etc.

jack_burt0n2964d ago

come on re5 survival horror?!? no.

Move in portal 2 yeah that would be cool.

WhittO2964d ago

ok Dead Space then lol, better choice.

DrDreadlox2964d ago

will be freaking epic. Besides from the obvious advantages to shooting and driving, think of the countless other ways Move could be used to interact with the world.

jack_burt0n2964d ago

Both the survival horror and metal gear rising.

IneedWeed2964d ago

Am I the only one that thinks PS Move will work well with SC II? I think that game will be the killer app. Great to see PS Move has so many support, but I would like to see an action/adventure game made just for the Move exclusively. I'm expecting more gameplay video for the Last Gaurdian and FF XIII VS to be shown at TGS.

Sony still making announcements while M$ announcement was a dissapointment with XBL price hike. M$ really need to show some love to us core gamers and announce some new exclusives. I would think 1 billion dollar revenue a year from XBL would allow M$ to have more exclusives, but I guess I know nothing about anything.

nefertis2964d ago

@IneedWeed that right there will be epic if that was too happen. Playb3yond.

2964d ago