Fact-Checking Steve Jobs

Jobs claims that the iPod Touch alone has outsold the Nintendo DS and PSP on a worldwide basis. At the very same event, he gave us some exact numbers: Approximately 120 million iOS devices have been sold. That includes the iPhone, the iPod Touch, and the iPad in all their iterations. But a quick search on Google reveals that the Nintendo DS has sold 132 units since the first iteration was released in 2004. The PSP has sold about 60 million units. Added together--well, that's considerably more than what the iOS has sold to date.

So why go ahead and make such a sky-high claim?

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ZombieAutopsy2969d ago

Funny thing is out of all the people i know with Ipods/Iphones i'm the only one i know who has gamed on it (aside from farmville, etc.) and it sucks for gaming, so lets see almost 200 million people have DS/PSP which is used primarily for gaming compared to the 120 million that own Ipods/phones/pads who mainly use them for music/phone calls....yea Jobs is talking out of his ass again.

darkcharizard2969d ago

You know, I'm starting to hate Steve Jobs...

Conloles2969d ago

Why just Steve Jobs, hate apple!

morganfell2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

What? You do not like proprietary, costly hardware built on sobbish elitism rather than actual performance?

You do not care for hardware that was forced to run the competitor's software in order to hold on to it's market share?


I want at least one other person to buy an in the one I am dumping as soon as I finish my info gathering for a new smart phone.

Akagi2969d ago

For once, I agree with Conloles.

Cratos87802969d ago

So you are a PC fanboy but not a Mac fan. ah, I see.

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Electronicpart2969d ago

I don't know from where Steve Jobs get his numbers

kneon2969d ago

It's even worse than that. Something like 80%+ of all iphone apps are used for one day and never used again. Fewer than 5% have any usage after the first week. In other words the vast majority of iphone apps are disposable crap. So his apps sales numbers are not what they seem since in most cases people download the app, try it and dump it the same day.

MrLife2969d ago

Exactly! I bought lots of games for my iPhone and I don't even play them anymore.
The only game I play is Angry Birds and once in a while.

Irishrocket692968d ago

They still got your money right? (Plus where did you get your numbers?)

kneon2968d ago

They don't have my money. I have over 20 cell phones and not one is an Apple, though I spent plenty of time with iPhones as well. I'm not a phone collector, it's just that phones are my business.

As for the numbers, there have been a number of surveys done, and while the numbers vary a bit between surveys the conclusion is always the same. Most iPhone apps have no long term usage. Here is one such study

Irishrocket692968d ago

That report was written over a year and a half ago! And it mainly brings up the case against free apps vs paid apps, and I would agree that you spend less time with a free app than a paid app because of quality but, since then a slew of great games have come out and are now even being reviewed on IGN and other game sites. Also, Epic Games might be the first company to really show off what can be done on a cell phone with the new A4 processor. So I don't know what twenty phones you use but maybe it's time to upgrade to one with an A4 processor.

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bjornbear2969d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

well, i don't care I still have a 4 year old ipod and a 4 year old MBP and they work great so Im not going to bitch about the good products


the prices are fucking insane. a battery and a new charger cost me almost €200 =/ prices are idiotic, but that aside i think people buying iphones like crazy are also idiotic.

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FuturePerfect2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

Don't people buy a iPod mainly for Music Mr.S.Blow-Jobs? I hope he is not turning into a new Bill Gate$ :-/

RankFTW2969d ago

No way, Bill Gates is actually cool.

Shuklar2969d ago

Everything is relative :)

MrLife2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

It's not a new thing with Apple, they always think they invented the wheel.
And btw, Bill Gates is way better than Steve Jobs.

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Kyur4ThePain2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

It's anger. Anger at Apple's success. Anger at the fact that nobody else seems to have the balls to lead in the consumer electronics entertainment industry. How many tablets do you think would have been on display in Germany this past week or two had Apple not released the iPad? None.
It's just people being angry that "their" beloved companies are being left in the dust.
It's pretty enjoyable actually.

I just don't understand why there would be anger / hate towards something you are not interested in. I think hybrid cars are the biggest load of sht under the sun (do some research on the manufacturing process and you'll see it's much more polluting than a regular gas powered car is during it's lifetime), but that doesn't make me hate them, or be angry at them. I just ignore them.

Shuklar2969d ago

Because he's using misleading information to discredit other companies. That's a pretty asshole-ish thing to do.

FragGen2966d ago

@Ve3tro: You say that like it's a BAD thing? LOL!

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