Nintendo Unimpressed By Steve Jobs’ Reality Distortion Field

Apple chief executive Steve Jobs said that the iPod Touch alone outsells Nintendo and Sony’s respective handheld consoles combined, claiming 50% of the portable gaming market. That’s a pretty bold claim, considering that the Nintendo DS has sold a total of 132 million units worldwide, while Apple has sold 120 million iOS devices, only some of which are actually iPod Touch.

Nintendo’s response, liberally paraphrased: Where’s the proof?

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mrv3213019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Here's an interesting fact. All PSP's play ALL PSP games, All DS's play ALL DS games... not all iPod touchs play all iPod touch games, even the flag ship game required a 3G or 3GS+ in order to play greatly shrinking the market.

Apple should also get off their high horse, yeah they did stuff that was new but right now I wouldn't consider any of their device particular AMAZING, if I needed a new phone I'd buy an android.If I wanted to do stuff on the go with a large screen I wouldn't buy the iPad but instead a laptop. I could probably find a better version of the iPod touch for less.

coolstuff3019d ago

The PSP Go can't play all PSP games.

mrv3213019d ago

Yeah but there's only like 3,000 PSP GO compared to million on Iphone and Ipod touch 1,2 and maybe 3.

WhittO3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

ok, what exactly is android doing right now that is so impressive and "new" that the iOS devices are totally unable to do ?

Also, by looking at the recent epic citadel, the iphone/ipod touch are capable of more than PSP or DSi, the only problem is it is lacking quality games, which can be fixed since it isn't that hardware itself that is lacking.

As for earlier itouch devices running older hardware, that's just how it goes, look at the 3DS, I'm sure the original DS won't stand a chance in playing games to the higher level the 3DS can.

MisterAV3019d ago

it's different, PSP and DS change every 1-2 year as the ipod&co but remain compatible with past and future games. 3DS is another generation like GBA and DS, it's not comparable.

WhittO3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

It's like saying the same thing with PC's, an older spec comp has no chance in running the "Flag-ship" graphical game like Crysis 2 does it. So you would need to upgrade in order to play it.

But PC is still a gaming platform, just that you need to upgrade every few years in order to play the latest games..

Same thing.

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Argento-Nox3019d ago


For one thing, iOS can't use adobe flash. A lot of my friends/family have 3G/3GS iphones and not one can play youtube properly. On the other hand, my one friend who has a google nexus phone can play youtube videos with no issues since android allows adobe flash to work properly.

You're telling me the iphone can do more than a PSP/DS just because of a faster processor? Seriously, do you realize how many DS/psp games you can't do on the iphone due to lack of analog sticks/d-pads/buttons?

I'm not sure you noticed, but iphone games with on screen buttons have lag issues. I should know, I've played games on my cousins iphone and they pretty much all suck! Unless you can play a game like GOW on the iphone, there's no comparison to a DS/psp for games or gameplay.

WhittO3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

lol, have you SEEN the effect flash pages have on running on mobile/andoid devices? slows down to the point of almost locking-up. Not to mention HUGE battery drain and resource hog.

Youtube is switching to HTML5 with the rest of the internet, it is only a matter of time, also, there is a customised youtube page for itouch devices that works great and includes all useful features of the standard page (playlists, HQ Video etc). Not to mention the customised Apps, embedded youtube videos in sites etc work perfectly too.

As for Games, I was talking about the Hardware capabilities of running a visually impressive game, which look better than alot of PS2 games, heres a link:

There are many people who no longer use their PSP or DS on the go, but use their itouch device instead for a quick gaming session of Angry Birds etc for a few minutes and instead use PSP or DS more at home or on long journeys.

Yes lack of buttons can be a problem, but looks like all mobile devices are heading towards a touch only interface anyway, again, only a matter of time..

thorstein3019d ago

Who are you? Steve Jobs perhaps? What are your sources? Wikipedia and Apple? lulz. You For the Not Win.

WhittO3019d ago


Well you only have to look at how many mobile devices now have touch screen capabilities - which is a HUGE % of them, some with buttons for keyboard etc, alot without.
The more time goes by, the larger number of touch devices there are, look at the growth in tablet computing etc, imagine the growth and advancements in 5 years time.

As for websites switching over from Flash to HTML, that is already happening now. Flash is a severe unstable resource hog, it really needs to be gone, since Adobe seem to not care about the numerous crashes Flash based media causes in web pages.

mrv3213019d ago

I'm glad whitto agrees iOS isn't good for games because games drain the battery. If the same thing applies to flash why not games?

HTML5... didn't youtube say they won't be maing the switch soon because HTML 5 lacks features.

Ocelot5253019d ago


lacks features? html5 yotube has MORE features like changing the speed of the video etc.

see it yourself:

MisterAV3019d ago

about pc gaming, again it's different because you can always tune the video option and even the latest game can run on 3 years old hardware.

and about html5, video now it's not standardized so what format do you choice?
H264? firefox and opera don't work
WebM? IE9(?) and safari don't work
Theora? IE9 and safari don't work

youtube has only a beta of html5

any choice and you can have a video work only on half the browser.
For at least 2 years video will be most on flash

Argento-Nox3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )


You're talking about battery life and iphone in the same sentence, are you serious? Iphones need daily charging and don't have significant longer battery time than the average android smartphone. A lot of my friends and family have iphones and youtube does not run well despite being playable. My best friend mentioned it a few weeks ago when he saw my friends google nexus phone and saw how well youtube videos played.

Having a better visual game on the iphone is great and all, but that doesn't supercede gameplay for people who aren't casual gamers. More devices may be going to touchscreens, but dedicated handhelds are going nowhere considering the 3DS and the eventual PSP2 will have physical buttons.

I don't care for iphone/itouch games nor do I see the fixation with them, since I've played them. The simplity and lack of physical buttons will ensure the iphone/itouch games aren't nearly half as good as DS/PSP games IMO.

I'm not one to believe Steve Jobs false assertion the iOS products outnumber PSP's/DS's, since iphones/itoucha/ipads have yet to reach 200+ million. The 4GS may have a 1 GHz processor, but that was to maintain on par with current androids that have 1GHz snapdragon processors. In fact, androids are already moving onto 1.5GGhz and higher. The number of mobile touchscreen devices may be increasing daily, but it's more for social purposes (twitter/facebook etc.) rather than gaming.

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hoops3018d ago

Actuslly its iOS4 that's playing catch up to Android.
iOS4 has finally recieved features Android has had for some time.
Apple is also a closed platform. You are TOLD by APPLE what you can out on your devices etc. Now if that sits well with you...go with god...
There is a reason Android is fast approaching to pass iOS4. With the ease of open source and Androids Gurella tactics of flooding the market with Android based phones every week almost, its only a matter of time before they pass Apple. By next year this time its going to happen based on numbers.
Also Nokia and others are releasing 1.5 and 2.0 GHZ phones very soon.
The party is over for Apple. They are going to have a harder time now...which is good because competition is a great thing. And for gaming. WINMO7 looks to be the best mobile phone gaming much so that dare i say it, APPLE actually copied MS with their version of SOCIAL and social gaming to TRY and compete with XBL. Good luck with that...

Optical_Matrix3019d ago

Well yeah...Steve Jobs is so gassed it's unbelievable. For example claiming to the iOS devices have more games. Well when you got about 1,000 bowling apps then yeah. They're not 'real' games though. Apple need to sit down otherwise Nintendo and Sony will continue to pwn them.

mrv3213019d ago

I know, they are mostly flash games, infact the PSP plays flash right? I'll count every flash game that work on PSP as a game because it has equal depth to 90% of the iOS device.

I think the idea of portable gaming on a iPhone/Touch is stupid as their PRIMARY function is as a phone or music player, games use up a lot of battery. Civ Rev will drain the battery in 2 hours and that's not something you want.

DNAbro3019d ago

Nobody buys an ipod/itouch/ipad for games. NOBODY, they are not even in the same market. Might as well say they internet has more games than the ds and psp.

Akagi3019d ago

For each supposedly "good" iPod game, there's about 1000 shovelware crap games.

Optical_Matrix3019d ago

Exactly. I can almost state FACTUALLY, that no one see's iPhones games and think shit, this thing has games that PSP and DS can't do. Better buy iPhone instead then. They're going for completely different markets.

FuturePerfect3019d ago

"Apple chief executive 'Bill Gate$' said..." LOL

kneon3019d ago

I don't remember BG ever spouting the kind of crap that Jobs does at every opportunity. And Microsoft was never as closed and proprietary as Apple is today.

chamber3019d ago

I agree i don't think gates was ever nearly as arrogant as Jobs.

LeonSKennedy4Life3019d ago

I have an iPhone.

I buy 99 cent games on it from time to time. I might get something like Final Fantasy or Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for like $7 also.

I just don't understand the comparison.

I've had a few PSP's. You can't get Twisted Metal on the iPhone. You can't get God of War on the iPhone.

It's just a dumb comparison.

Android is sneaking up on ya, Steve. ;)

SkylineR3019d ago

The thing with the iPhone though and some of the more "real" games available for it is that it's a low risk venture for consumers if they want to try a game out.

Say you wanted to buy a similar game that's on both the iPhone and NDS, it's easier to swallow paying $2.99 or $9.99 for the iPhone versions than having to hand out up to $39.95 for a DS cartridge.

But you are right that games made just for that console like GoW or Zelda can only be played on their respective devices. iPhone/iPod doesn't have key franchises yet.

Where I see Apple gaining ground though; being able to offer same versions of 3rd party titles (Splinter Cell Conviction, Mirror's Edge for example) at a fraction of the cost of a NDS/PSP equivalent.

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