Microsoft Xbox 360 Black Quick Charge Kit Confirmed for Europe

Microsoft has officially announced the release of the black Quick Charge Kit for Xbox 360, set to be made available in Europe later this month. Previously only available in white, the official black Quick Charge Kit joins the ever increasing line-up of Xbox 360 black accessories, including the black Chatpad, black VGA HD cable and black Play & Charge Kit, to go alongside the Xbox 360 “S” console, launched on the 16th July 2010.

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kevco333020d ago

Never bothered getting one of these. Didn't see the point when you can use Play & Charge kits.

RankFTW3019d ago

Indeed, got a charge kit for like £5 and that does the job.

gamingdroid3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

I got some rechargeable Eneloop battery kit and it works fantastic! Batteries that are fully charged, sitting in my drawer don't loose very much charge at all like normal rechargeable batteries.

I don't bother with the Play'N Charge kit, because one it didn't work twice! Then it ties me to the machine. I hate built in batteries, just use regular AA and AAA batteries. It is cheap, convenient and available everywhere!

jaytv-pyro3020d ago




Dorwrath3019d ago

Not really, When my PS3 controller lost the ability to charge I had to pay $50 to buy a whole new controller, when my 360 rechargeable battery died I just bought another for $10.

Sure it's nice that its built in on the PS3, but cost more when the batteries die.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3019d ago

lol, I made a comment about that a while back as a joke and never actually thought someone here thought that?

The Comment:

If you really think you have to throw away the controller when the dual shock dies you would have to be drunk, please tell me you were drunk? The great think about the PS3 you can get a cable longer than the packaged one, but at least it comes with rechargeable batteries/cord.

actual_gamer3019d ago

When i have to charge my ps3 controller i can't play because of the tiny cable length

Roozium3019d ago

You're probably the biggest troll here. I see you in every Xbox 360 related article and you always comment something Sony fanboy-ish without any fact behind your statement.

KratosGirI3019d ago

Wait 'til you see his YouTube vids. They're hilarious!

000000000000000000013019d ago

With my 360 I always have a wireless controller, my PS3 wireless controllers become wired when they need charged. Which is better?

You Noob3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

You Know you can play while the controller is charging?

Of course no... xbot.

3019d ago