OXM: Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Review

Dead Rising’s hideous save system has been tweaked, too: you still save at bathrooms, but with three save slots, you no longer risk a save-game from which you can’t progress. Case Zero isn’t without weirdness, though. You have only one full day to do everything: build the bike; escape town before the military arrives and seizes the infected Katey; see all the sights; and rescue the 10 or so survivors, which is the best way of earning the prestige needed to boost Chuck to level 5. (Your level carries over to Dead Rising 2, letting you start the game with elevated skills.)

Problem is, it’s virtually impossible to do all this stuff within one in-game day, so multiple playthroughs are pretty much a given. Repeating such a short game isn’t bad, but why not just give people two days for everything, without the needless contrivance? They’d rather mash zombies without interruption.

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