Five things you didn't notice in the Batman: Arkham City screenshots. (Hugo Strange) gives a run down on a few secrets hidden away in the recent leak of screenshots. Hugo Strange also makes his first appearance.

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AlienFodder2968d ago

"Five Things you may not of noticed (...)".

Yeah... First thing you should do when you want to gain even a modicum of credibility is to spell check your article, especially when it's in the title itself.

hazelamy2968d ago

spell check wouldn't catch that, "of" is spelled right, it's just the wrong word.
the writer of that article needs to proof read his work before posting it.

AlienFodder2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

I used the wrong word, actually. What I meant was "proof read". Isn't that ironic? LOL!

TrailerParkSupervisr2968d ago

The days of quality journalism are over. I just assume a 10 year old writes each piece and I simply scan the text for the content I wish to view.

ON TOPIC: One thing I noticed that was not mentioned is THERE IS NO SCARECROW. However, the first game was totally kick-ass so I have no doubts the sequel will be of the same (if not better) caliber.


Max Power2968d ago

I want to that today's "Journalism" is "Micro Journalism," blogs, twitter, and any start up site distributes news in its own way. Unfortunately that doesn't qualify the poster to have correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation nor a reliable source unlike the times of old (print.)

N4BmpS2968d ago

People try to rush out information claiming that they gave it too you "first". The article's title fell victim to it.

Anyway, I would expect Harley to be over obsessed with Joker so that isn't anything entirely new, fans of Batman wouldn't find that surprising but it's good to know the Devs know how to make this feel more and more like the Batman game ppl(us) always wanted.

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