Surprises including: The probably worst plays of Microsoft

Microsoft has strong marks in the offer with series such as halo, Age OF Empires or Flight Simulator. But also the largest quality fanatic seizes times beside. PC Games hardware presents the probably largest flops of Microsoft.

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NovusTerminus2971d ago

Ya know. Tenchu Z is prolly my most played 360 game... And yet everyone considers it a shit game. Oh well my taste in games have ALWAYS been weird.

ZombieAutopsy2971d ago

I'd kill for a new Tenchu game and i'd do it stealthy too.

mikeslemonade2971d ago

Microsoft is not a software company and obviously not a hardware company either. Great operating systems and they know how to market a product. They don't care much about the gamer or the customer though.

NovusTerminus2971d ago

I know, I hope after Armored Core 5 they return to Tenchu. I am expecting one soon.

Anon73492970d ago


Operating systems are software. Microsoft is primarily a software company.

If OSs aren't hardware or software, what did you think they were?

TheCagyDies2970d ago

Tenchu Z was a technical mess but it was still a fun game to play.

Lavagasm2970d ago

It would be nice if I could read German...

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