Free Games To Waste Your Three-Day Weekend With

GameInformer: "This weekend, our North American readers will join the GI staff in celebrating Labor Day, a day off to reflect on all the hard work we've been doing. What's the best way to reflect? VIDEO GAMES. Rather than force you outside for even a second of your much-deserved weekend of rest, I've put together a list of free games that you can check out from the safety of your computer. From Flash games to free MMOs, there's something for everyone and plenty to help whittle away your weekend."

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VinnieMac2970d ago

Robot Unicorn Attack, Hell yes.

Hell Tetris is addicting in a masochistic sort of way too if you've ever tried it.

JsonHenry2969d ago

Shut up and Jam: Gaiden and Dungeon Fighter Online are both amazing games.

MGRogue20172969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

... I'll be playing MW2 as usual. -.-

What? You can't blame me, it's addictive as hell. Believe me, I've tried to stop.. Doses of Bad Company 2 does nothing except add fuel to the fire. :(

DA_SHREDDER2969d ago

Try MAG? I think its better than both games. It has a really in depth online.

LarsoVanguard2969d ago

Try NexusTK. But also, Dungeon Fighter Online is great fun, and I think I'm gonna try the Champions Online free event.

Trunkz Jr2969d ago Go there for Free games, least you can play them multiplayer, like play FF4 Coop and even PVP against others.

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