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HG - "Dragon Age: Origins was one of the best CRPGs of the recent years and it is therefore no wonder that everyone is holding their breaths for the upcoming sequel. Even though I was personally not that taken by Awakenings, I'm hopeful that Dragon Age II will return us to the strong storytelling that was the crowning point of the first game.

As things stand it should be on our desktops early next year and the next six months or so will certainly be filled with exciting news and tidings of the story and gameplay of Dragon Age II. However, nothing can stop us from putting on paper some of the things that we already know."

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Tru_Blu2992d ago

I just don't get how people can support this. It is a $100 game at the very least if you buy it day one. Let me back track a second, I got DA:O on release day. The disc has DLC trophies on it DAY 1. They charge $40 for DLC and people still are excited about it?? Call me old fashion but I think the $60 I paid day one should get me the whole game... not even talking about the $40 DLC(That came later, only $15 to get all the trophies on the disc, with the 1 dlc you don't get free). On DAY ONE you had to buy dlc to get 100% How do people justify that? DA:O was the first and last Bioware game I buy at least until I can get the goty/ultimate edition USED, f'ing DLC whores.

Nihilism2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

I agree, DLC pisses me off. I bought the C.E last time....this time I ordered the standard edition because with all the DLC the day 1 disk is bound to become redundant....I'll pirate all the DLC like I did last time. F paying for cut content.

I live in AUS though and game usually cost $79 on PC, $99 on console....but DA2 is availble for pre order for $ I ordered it, knowing all the DLC that is coming I want it for a reasonable price.

Panzerkanzler2989d ago

Can't you just do like everyone else and order games from cheaper foreign internet stores and avoid the AUS price rip off?