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GameInformer: "It's really real. Duke Nukem Forever's being published by 2K Games, is being developed by Gearbox, and we have first hand impressions."

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Kingdom Come2994d ago

Having such a Bad-Ass franchise Finally return. But most of all, it's good to see that people are beginning to regain faith and love for the franchise, it was upsetting seeing some of the insults tirades Duke, one who was once one of the most respected gaming characters...

Mista T2994d ago

Hopefully the franchise comes back with a vengeance. I think a trailer is gonna release today though, anybody know when?

Bobbykotickrulesz2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

hey here's something you may not know: I've actually never played a Duke Nukem game. *dodges bullets*

Seriously though, I've never played one. Not sure why either. But that'll all change with this game, folks. It'll officially be my first Duke Nukem gaming experience EVER. Go me.

wazzim2994d ago

Really? I did when I was a kid and freaking loved the 'badass' feel.

Active Reload2994d ago

Gearbox is becoming somewhat of an "unsung hero" in the shooter field this gen. There name being attached to anything coming out nowadays definitely grabs my attention, especially since Borderlands, which I was Very happy with the time I spent with it...which was a lot.

oilahize2994d ago

"After 12 ****ing years it better."
-Duke Nukem

Convas2994d ago

Same here buddy, I'm anxious to see what all the hubbub is about. Can't wait for the official announcement trailer!

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JsonHenry2994d ago

6pm PST is the trailer at PAX.

Mista T2994d ago

thanks man, I'm guessing thats 9pm eastern time correct?

DukeNukem2994d ago

Of course it feels good! I'm back, baby! And no, it's not really that sad to see people insulting me. I'll just have to rip of their heads and shit down their necks!

Congentleman2994d ago

Yes, it's finally coming for real! Again!
(2 drums and a cymbal fall off a cliff)

crimsonfox2994d ago

as i always say...

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oilahize2994d ago

It's says in the article that you can see it's running on the 360. I read elsewhere that it was running on PC with a 360 controller. Anyone know which one is it?

Hallmark Moment2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Maybe gameinformer is mistaken and the fanboys are right ;) or maybe both, maybe your right. why does it matter? Are you going to change your mind about the game if it's not on PC or PS3? Major Nelson said on XBL some cool things will be revealed this weekend at PAX. You would think having contact with people on the floor they would get it right?

oilahize2994d ago

What do you mean maybe I'm right? I asked a question. That means the only person who could be right or wrong is the person answering, which you didn't do. What's the point of your comment? You asked why does it matter...because I want to see the console versions. I have a shit PC. It's that simple. I'm sure with how long its been in development it should be roughly the same across all platforms but I'd still like to know. Also, why do you assume that my sources of "elsewhere" are fanboys?

oilahize2994d ago

I think people think I'm trolling. "Though Duke Nukem Forever was running on a PC, I played with an Xbox 360 controller." -Levi Buchanan of IGN
You would think having actually been on the floor and getting some hands-on time they would get it right...

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