Call of Duty: Black Ops - Killstreaks In Detail + Images

Black Ops killstreaks with descriptions, images and how to unlock them. Say farewell to Nukes and hello to Attack Dogs.

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Hazmat132967d ago

the sentry gun was a next gen tech for MW2 and they have it here in 70's??

Gawdl3y2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

The technology required to make an automated turret has been around for many years. Just an infrared camera and an on-board computer. However, the technology to distinguish between friend and foe still does not exist, other than improvised means.

captain-obvious2967d ago

they did answer this kind of questions by saying prototype
and i do believe them
if you do a lil research about what they say
i did find some things that they say are true

ambientFLIER2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

"However, the technology to distinguish between friend and foe still does not exist, other than improvised means."

It could be as simple as having rfid's on all friendlies. I guess that's what you mean by "improvised".

Gawdl3y2967d ago

That's what I meant by improvised. It isn't a fully reliable method, because RFID tags can be forged fairly easily, as long as someone knows what it broadcasts.

Hazmat132967d ago

cool i started a long complex conversation. WOO!!!

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mrv3212967d ago

Call of Duty is not the most realistic shooter... just look at Commando, Marathon... EVERY perk the guns etc.

BlackSharinganX2967d ago

i guess the hippies werent lying back in the 60's LOL

ambientFLIER2967d ago

"the sentry gun was a next gen tech for MW2 and they have it here in 70's??"

Black ops isn't just the 70's. It goes through several decades

MrAwesome2967d ago

Who cares I'll be using attack Helicopter, Gunship and Chopper Gunner ;)

Jack-Pyro2967d ago

And I'll kick your ass with the Spy Plane, Mortar Team, and Blackbird. ;)

gtamike2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

zzzzz much better games coming out, well for PS3

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The_Count2967d ago

I'm skeptical but it looks good so far. I'll have to see more footage of each in action.

crimsonfox2967d ago

How many details on perks could there be in one day?

Jack-Pyro2967d ago

Shhhhhh....Don't let the enemy know that....

floetry1012967d ago

The killstreaks are well and good, but I think they should reward 25+ kills and over with some adequate killstreak attacks. The decision to cut the tactical nuke was a great one, but they should have provided something in place for those (like me) who rarely hit 25-30 kills in a row.

jdktech20102967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

you really think you can get 25 kills in a row without the help of killstreaks? You'd have to get 25 straight kills with a gun or other help because killstreak kills don't count towards you killstreak counter.

If you get 7 kills and a harrier for example, and that harrier kills 5 people, your KS count is still at 7

CaptainMarvelQ82967d ago

killstreaks taken from packages don't raise KS count
but the ones you got them from your own kills do

Gawdl3y2967d ago

In MW2 that's correct, but in Black Ops killstreak rewards won't count towards your killstreak at all.

StankyChicken2966d ago

killstreak rewards count toward your existing killstreak, but rewards dont count toward other rewards.

jdktech20102966d ago

No, this is the way I udnerstand it from Black Ops and what people like Hutch have said

You get 5 kills let's say and you have napalm as your get 3 kills with the napalm. Your current KS count is still at 5 even though you got 8 kills in total. Killstreaks of any kind do not count towards your killstreak counter (# of kills in a row) but only kills by your gun or your knife do.

So again, 25 kills iwth a gun or knife without dying? really?

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GamerGuy1532967d ago

Do i even need to say anymore? :)

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