One piece of Duke Nukem Forever art

2K Games has released one piece of official art for Duke Nukem Forever.

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Valay2966d ago

Man. Just wished they released the trailer, too... I want to see a video in high-quality, not a stream!

young juice2966d ago

if you replace the severed head with a gun it reminds me of the medal of honor cover.

Troll_Police2966d ago

This Duke Nukem game better be AAA with all the attention it's been getting lately.

StarScream4Ever2966d ago

Wow... that art look so familiar...
*Pick up Just Cause 2*

superrey192966d ago

Don't forget Medal of Honor

DarkRayneRules2965d ago

The PAL Dark Sector art reminds me of it too.

Lionalliance2966d ago

I'm so happy he's finally back!

orange-skittle2966d ago

Just Cause 2 Stole it too. Stolen from 2008 Rambo Poster:

BTW, Take-Two fought in court for this moment. When this story broke last night and everyone was skeptical. I said this is going to happen because Take-Two wants this title. The announcement of Duke Nukem finally getting completed would start a media fenzy and an amazing marketing campaign. I wouldn't be surprised if they used the delay in the advertising like: FOREVER BEGINS MARCH 2011

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