Is this real life or is it just fantasy?

Video games have often been rooted in fantasy. Playing Madden 11 doesn’t make you a better football player no matter how many times you take your team to the Super Bowl. While the army does use some video game simulation training for soldiers, it’s unlikely hitting prestige in Call of Duty will make you an elite killing machine.

However the round of rhythm games look to make that leap. Since the first Guitar Hero strummed its way into our hearts – people have mocked and trashed the plastic instruments gamers used to become fake rock gods...

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elementum3020d ago

Pretty good read. My parents got me that same mario teaches typing game too, I don't think I was old enough to realize I hated it though.

I think its a cool idea for guitar hero or whoever to have a guitar teaching device thrown in there as long as you have a choice or whatever. Being a guitar player myself for about 15 years its completely impossible for me to play any of those games because of how counter intuitive they are. So I might check something like that out

jmare3020d ago

No escape from reality.
Open your eyes, look to the skies and see.

SactoGamer3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

just killed a man...
put a gun up to his head...
pulled my trigger, now he's dead...