Coming Tuesday to PSN: TerRover for PS3

Playstation Blog writes: The TerRover is a cute little robot buggy with a big smile and warm heart in need of your help to find a new planetary home for him and his friends. You get weapons and tools and a chassis equipped with rocket launchers, magnet cables and more to assist in collecting all the mechanical parts scattered about and discovering the secret areas and hidden passages.

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PS3XBOX360WII2965d ago

One buy. The demo was awesome.

All_4_One2965d ago

Hmmm, I didn`t even know there was a demo. I`m going to download that right now.

callahan092965d ago

The demo level design was awesome, the graphics and art are awesome, and the little robot is very cute, but I just found the game too difficult for my enjoyment so I won't be buying it.

ThanatosDMC2965d ago

So i saw this on FB and i thought i'd share:

The game looks like a crossover of pixeljunk shooter and lbp.

GeoramA2965d ago

$15 seems a little steep...

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