IGN: Duke Nukem Forever Is Not Bullshit

The game opens with Duke standing at a urinal, doing his business. After zipping up, IGN walked through a football team's locker room as professional soldiers discussed the parameters of Operation: C--k Block. The mission would go awry within seconds, though, as a giant alien called a Cycloid wasted half of the squad.

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FiftyFourPointTwo2994d ago

" At the conclusion of the trailer, a woman remarks to Duke that his new adventure looks great "Yeah, but after twelve f---ing years, it should be," he responds as the logo and icons for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC – slam into place below it. "

LMFAO!! Brilliant!! xD

Cevapi882994d ago

where my pigs at?! where my pigs at?!.....WHOOP THERE THEY ARE!!

TheLastGuardian2993d ago

Can you really say bullshit in the title? I thought N4G discouraged profanity.

bjornbear2993d ago


time to kick some ass and chew gum, too bad im all out of GUM

GuruStarr782994d ago

The Chinese democracy of gaming.

DaBadGuy2994d ago

hopefully it doesn't turn out to be the Chinese Democracy of gaming upon release, because....well....that was not GNR, that was Axl growling over about a dozen guitars. It wasn't a horrible album, but for a guns n roses album, meh.

The BS Police2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Hopefully when it comes to quality it's the "Pyromania" and "Hysteria" of gaming.

SoapShoes2994d ago

Meh... To each their own, I find CD to be one of the best albums in a long time. It sold fairly well(5million ww) but none of the songs became hits all because of the politics surrounding the damned thing...

DaBadGuy2994d ago

@The BS Police.....fuckin A.

GuruStarr782994d ago

I liked it...commercially, it wasn't what people wanted, but I've always like GNRs music that was'nt played to death on the radio...only thing that was dissapointing was that there were only one or two songs on the album that I had'nt heard from them in concert or online.

SoapShoes2994d ago

@JQM78 I also like music from GNR that isn't overplayed on the radio and a lot of stuff from the Use Your Illusion era wasn't all that unlike Chinese Democracy. Both(or should I say three since UYI was a dual album) had many different types of sounds and weren't typical hard rock like Appetite. I am fairly certain if CD came out by any other band it would be loved by more than the people who can't accept the new band. The new band is very talented but people are stuck in the past.

Heck if CD came out only 3 years after UYI from the old band members there's no doubt that people would not pass it off as much as they do now, letting their feelings interfere with the music.

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KILLERAPP2993d ago

I like Chinese democracy, I actually saw a GNR concert a few months back and it was freaking awesome AXL played for over 3 hours he sounds fine to me…

big_silky2994d ago

I snagged Chilean Miner and submitted it to urban dictionary. First!

Mista T2994d ago

the Holy Grail of gaming, is upon us....I do not know if I am worthy or not... :P

Sandal2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

And it releases Feb. 22nd, 2011.

DaBadGuy2994d ago

The week before Crysis 2.....well....looks like I won't be getting Crysis 2 right away unless I have the money. After Christmas I have a feeling I'm gonna be tapped for a while. So many games coming out this fall.

Ares84PS32994d ago

Crysis 2 shortly after.

Excellent FPS overload confirmed.

pustulio2994d ago

Bulletstorm comes out in Feb too.

Too many FPS for just one month.

The BS Police2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

This game was announced when I was 9 years old back in 1997. I've lost interest in it a long time ago and while I hope it is a quality game I'm not holding my breath.

DukeNukem2994d ago

You're all worthy to bask in my awesomeness. Stripclubs and drinks all around! And I'll be bringing TWO packs of bubblegum this time. There's a lot of asses to be kicked you know, it has been 12 years...

Nicky72994d ago

Duke Nukem Forever is total bullshit. It's as real as the bigfoot or the loch ness monster.

DukeNukem2994d ago

Oh yeah? Here's my suggestion. The day I come out, go buy a copy. Then, blow it out your ass. After that you can tell me if it's real or not. Make sure you buy a second copy to play.

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