PAX: New Epic Mickey Screens [1920x1080 Downloads]

Ex: Visionary game director and industry veteran Warren Spector just wrapped up his keynote speech at PAX, revealing the second portion of Epic Mickey's opening cinematic. While we're busy uploading that monster to our servers, we do have some brand-spanking new screenshots for you to enjoy and to download in their original hi-res glory.

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CrAppleton2971d ago

Finally a reason to buy the Wii.

ZoidsRaven2971d ago

Out of all the good wii games out there, you JUST now see "a reason to buy the Wii"? 7_7

killyourfm2971d ago

I don't suppose games like, say, Twilight Princess, Metroid Prime, Mario Galaxy are good enough>? lol

pcz2971d ago

why do i get a feeling this game is being way over hyped, and it will be an average game.

can somebody please fill me in on why this is so special

killyourfm2971d ago

For me personally, it's because Warren Spector is behind it.

TheViper2971d ago

Played it at E3. It deserves the hype from my 30 minutes with it.