Underrated PS3 Game 'Demon's Souls', Gets an Incredible Deal

One of the most underrated games on the PS3 gets an incredible deal. Demon’s Souls brand new for only $25.49 with free shipping.

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Parapraxis2966d ago's far from "overrated"
The term they were looking for is "under-exposed", or "hidden gem" or "surprise hit"...NOT overrated lol.

Masta_Killa2965d ago

If anyone hasn't picked up this under-exposed game yet, they should NOW. It's a hidden gem and sure to be your surprise hit of this generation.

Lovable2966d ago

Underrated? Many people think it's one of the best game this gen.


It won the GOTY in Gamespot.

Demon's Souls is far away from Underrated.

outwar60102966d ago

this game REEEAAAAALLLLLLY needs difficulty seetings playing on a second time with a 91 thief is beyond a joke(i got PWNED by low level enemies constantly) even with all rings and good weapons etc

radphil2966d ago

The whole purpose of the New Game+ was to increase in difficulty. If people were able to adjust settings on difficulty, then what would be the point in PVP if everyone played on easy to hit max.

AKS2966d ago

Maybe you could try improving your skills or something along those lines?

You have thousands of ridiculously easy games out there. Play those. Let me have my handful of challenging games.

outwar60102965d ago

true but the difficulty felt way over the top in the second playthrough

outwar60102965d ago

@ AKS whats with all the negativity? sarcastic comments to massage your videogame superiority complex seriously WTF

rdgneoz32965d ago

In the game, you might want to farm a bit for better gear and for souls to level up with. Sure you can beat the bosses on the first play through at a lowish level, but if you spend a little time farming some things, you'll be able to blow through things later on. Hell, on the first play through you can get pure white and pure black world tendency to get some of the rare items.

AKS2965d ago

@ outwar6010

Zero sarcasm intended. I'm dead serious. Demon's Souls is my favorite game this generation, and the challenge is a huge part of that incredible experience. You want to screw around with a key component of my favorite game of this generation, and I object to that, especially given 95% of the games out now are ridiculously easy. The difficulty forces the gamer to use strategy, skill, and caution. That is something special and unique about this game.

I never claimed I was superior to anyone. You prove whether you're good or not in the game.

blahblah2965d ago

depending on good weapons and rings. your success in PvE depends 99% on you and 1% on rings and weapons. demon's souls is not WOW, there is no ultra weapon/spells/armor, there is just you and your mistakes.

rings and weapons only have value in PvP, but even there only if you know how to use them.

i seriously think game is way too easy. i'd love if NG++ would scale harder more than 8%. after NG+, there simply is no more challenge, unless you start playing in soul form with pure black character tendency and world in pure black. but that goes for PvE only, since you can't be invaded in soul form.

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Sam Fisher2966d ago

read this bro, i am a hardcore rpg fan, and to be honest, this game is a new definition to rpg, yea it has its little problems but its almost perfect. i never gie a 10/10 (i dont believe in perfect) but i give this game a 9.75/10 with its mistakes. its too damn good.

blahblah2965d ago

ever since i tried ds... it is the ONLY game this gen.

both my ps3 simply became Demon's souls exclusives

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Prcko2966d ago

One of the best games what i played in years!!!
So hard,but in another way SO REWARDING!!!
When you kill a Boss you have a feeling that you are king of the world!!!
Incerdible game,and i hope to see Demon's Souls 2 on TGS!!!

Chug2966d ago

Now that is the way games are suppose to make us feel when we defeat a level or boss!
Unfortunately, most games just can't quite get it right or are just too damn easy these days.
Demon's Souls is by far my favorite game of 09, possibly even this gen.

rdgneoz32965d ago

Yah, I love the game. Such a hard game where any mobs can kill you. Hell, some areas if you try for a pure black world tendency its basically rape if you're not extremely cautious. The difficulty of it makes it so rewarding compared to other games that basically let you win.

alphakennybody2966d ago

lol this game is now far from underrated

despair2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

people do know that this game is not underrated, it has an 89 on metacritic, thats better than many popular games. Its just a very good game that was a surprise hit for many.

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