Sony's TGS 2010 Booth SCEJ has put up some pictures of what their booth at this years Tokyo Game Show will look like. Sony will clearly be showcasing Move and 3D, but the site also mentions that Sony will be featuring over 50 titles. We’re hoping for a better look at The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy XIII Versus and maybe an ICO Collection announcement. TGS runs from September 16th – 19th, and we’ll be sure to bring you the big announcements as they happen. Until then, check out the SCEJ site for all things Sony and TGS.

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Godmars2902971d ago

Hopefully they'll offer a 1:1 model in US Home.


Best Booth, always delivering the best for the Audience.

SexyPrawns2971d ago

Ah! I'm so excited!

I want to hear TGS predictions.

Write them below, please!

silvacrest2971d ago

PSPhone/PSP2 - i cant describe how badly i want this and since TGS is the last big gaming conference (not sure) of the year if sony dont at least announce the exsistance of the PSP2 i will no not to expect it any time soon, which will just suck SO HARD

TLG - apart from that trailer nothing has been shown for so long so a trailer/gameplay is minimum, at max? release date and gameplay

unannounced game - im hoping it's SCEJ making a RPG franchise, sony is lacking in this area and having a first party dev make it would give me some hope that it wont suck

TheObserver2971d ago

Over 50 titles? Too many games! >:(

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