First trailer of Nintendo's new game, Fluidity

Nintendo has just released the first trailer of Fluidity, which is making its debut at PAX.

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Valay2968d ago

I really like the style of this! And it's great to see Nintendo supporting WiiWare.

AndrewRyan2968d ago

This game looks simple, and fun, and I can see how it would work with motion controls. However, I don't think this game would be worth $60.

lolzers2968d ago

It's a wiiware title Andrew, not a full priced game.

AndrewRyan2967d ago

Thank you, for a Wiiware title it would be great.

darthv722968d ago

that isnt a bad thing as i like loco roco. This looks just as fun to play.

MisterNiwa2968d ago

Loco Roco mixed with Pixeljunk Shooter.

spandexxking2968d ago

That's exactly what i thought too!

Theonik2968d ago

It looks like it will be fun but it just won't be as awesome as Locoroco. Not with that music anyway. Wonder what the price will be like.

blind-reaper2968d ago

It is good seeing nintendo trying new things

Jobesy2968d ago

The Wii is better used as a paperweight! This game will no doubt fail.

Smacktard2968d ago

Why are you so butthurt?

Jobesy2968d ago Show
Smacktard2968d ago

They wouldn't make very much money GIVING away free games, now, would they? You actually have to buy them yourself. There are many good Wii games that aren't free, you know.

qface642968d ago

sounds to me like you were just dumb and threw your money away

you can't blame nintendo for you being dumb enough to buy a console with no games you looked forward to

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Christopher2968d ago

Interesting puzzler game. Would make a good item for the iPhone as well.

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gameseveryday2968d ago

2D goodness, looks like an innovative game

E-Binnz2968d ago

But Nintendo hasn't made a good game in 9000 years...

eagle212967d ago

Only THE BEST games in the past 9000 years have been Nintendo's.

fixed ;)

Antan2968d ago

I hope you guys like the audio ;)

TheLeprachaun2968d ago

I really need to go to the toilet after watching that.

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The story is too old to be commented.