Extreme Gamer: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Review

Extreme Gamer: The Beat ‘Em Up genre tries to fight its way back into our hearts with Scott Pilgrim vs. the World - the latest downloadable offering from Ubisoft.

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Myst2992d ago

Sucks that the author's friends are starting to lose interest in gaming or have lost interest. Specially for a game that only gives you local co-op and not online co-op as well.

As usual I will pick apart some of the positive and negatives. For one yes the soundtrack to the game by Anamanaguchi is awesome. I bought it as well as the game as soon as I got paid, don't regret it one bit. It is sad that the game has no online co-op, but what really sucks is that there isn't drop-in and out co-op. That I did not know, saddens me.