Now That The PS3 Has Been Hacked, Will Sony Sell More Consoles? writes "The PS3 has been hacked, I'm sure you're already aware of this. It's only been splattered across every gaming website and repeated ad nauseam. The reason I'm bringing this worn out topic up is because, I want to discuss what kind of effects it will have on console sales, if any"

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mushroomwig2968d ago

Of course they will, but software sales will take a big hit.

DeeZee2968d ago

That's what I'm afraid of, hopefully things won't get too out of hand.

mushroomwig2968d ago

I'm sure it'll be okay, the 360/Wii have managed okay considering.

Cevapi882967d ago

if sony does nothing about it...there will be a spike in HD sales along with Ps3's, that alone should be a sign that people are going to try and exploit the hack...most sony 1st party studio games are huge and if people are actually that determined to d/l that data, then i feel bad for them, 20,30,40 GB of data all just to play a game for free or at a rental price....sad day, sad sad day

BulletToothtony2967d ago

a little out of topic.. but has anyone seen this jailbreak in action? i see them starting the game but never play them..

sikbeta2967d ago

Yep, but pirates will have a limited lineup and not PSN, cos the hack is more like a backup manager and not something deep that compromise the PS3 OS, so, yeah, I can see dudes with 2 PS3s, backing all their games in 1 PS3 and using the other for upcoming games + on-line PSN...

AndrewRyan2967d ago

To jailbreak a Wii it is completely free! It costs money to jailbreak a PS3, and as long as it costs, PS3 won't sell more because of it.

madpuppy2967d ago

I would wait and until the PS3 sales peaked from people purchasing the PS3 because it has been cracked and after sales started dropping down to normal levels I would release a mandatory patch to plug the crack and as an extra I would also have new games purchased not play on a console that hasn't been updated to the new firmware.

Biggest2967d ago

I'm with your on this, BulletToothtony. While it is true that many websites have claimed the PS3 hacked by way of theft, no one but the people that say they did it and would like your donation has the non-hack. It's funny how something becomes fact in the eyes of so many with just a little video. Whatever the PS3 Jailbreak was, it is no more.

inveni02967d ago

Whoa, whoa, whoa. I know everyone claims this is legit--I'm not saying it isn't--but I'd like for us all to just wait until we see Uncharted 2 available for download via torrent before we call the PS3 "hacked". I'm betting we won't see that day until Sony is well on the way to the PS4.

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Sandal2968d ago

You still can't download PS3 games and you still need the disc even if you use this to back up the game on the HDD.

MicroSony4Life2968d ago

even if you have it on HDD - whats the point to this hack if thats the case.

mushroomwig2968d ago

You don't need the disc at all, once it's backed up you can use any PS3 disc you like in order to run it.

Julie2967d ago

Sandal? Enchantment! =:]

Heartnet2967d ago

For a short ammount of time :) u basically install the disc onto ur HDD then u can go give the disc back :)..

So renting services will be up lol which wont mean nothin tbh many people rent games lol..

Just like me and Lovefilm woop :)

Thecraft19892967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

All wrong people can upload backupmanager game rips and put them external HDD this excludes any game with 4gb single file. The only disc you need in ps3 is any ps3 game.

Heartnet maybe it will stop blockbuster going bankrupt lol

DaBadGuy2967d ago

Well then, looks like Blockbuster will be making a comeback, if they're even still in business, I haven't stepped foot in one in about a year.

sikbeta2967d ago


You NEED the copy, the backup manager needs an original copy of the game in order to back it in the HDD, that's the function, pirates will borrow and rent the games they want and when they run out of space, they'll need to erase some game or will not be allowed to back it up and the external HDDs for PS3 need to be formated in FAT32 to be recognized, that's a 4GB per file limit....

nickjkl2967d ago

omg you guys are slow you need the disc period

in order to back up the game you need to have a disc you cant back up a game from a usb flash drive

also a hack has access to the operating system it allows you to change things at whim this lets you back up games from a disc and thats all like i dont understand how hard it is to understand this

MicroSony4Life2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

I know you need the disk to put into your HDD but do you need it every time your going to play the game you put on your HDD?

The above comments dont help.

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raztad2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

I suspect those dreaming with playing GT5 for free are up for a rude awakening.

sikbeta2967d ago

Hey, don't kill their hopes man, let them wish :)

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ChronoJoe2967d ago

Attach rates didn't drop when 360 or Wii hacks became accessible. Suggesting neither platform took any significant hits to software sales.

vhero2967d ago

Gotta love this article PS3 been outselling 360 for nearly 2 years now but when it finally surpasses 360 they will use the excuse it was because of piracy.. How lame.. That's all this article is trying to accomplish...

MmaFanQc2967d ago

sony will easily correct the problem with mandatory firmware update on game disc, someone who want to play a cetain new sce game will have to install the firmware to play it.

AuToFiRE2966d ago

ehhhh, i wouldnt think so, exclusives wouldnt take a big hit due to their sheer size, i only get 95 gigs a month for bandwidth, even if i did download a 50 gig game, i can only do that once a month without incurring charges that are more than actually buying the game itself

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Prcko2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )


jc485732968d ago

sony will stop selling ps3 just because it has been hacked?

DeeZee2968d ago

No, that would be insane! Haha

mushroomwig2968d ago

Not a chance, they'll still make a profit on hardware sales so there would be no reason to stop selling/supporting the console.

Besides, I seriously doubt Sony thought their console was unhackable. It's amazing that it's taken over 3 years to get to this point. Kudos to Sony for making something so secure for all this time.

Szarky2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

I'm hoping you were being sarcastic. Who said anything about not selling consoles anymore? If anything console sales will go up and software sales will either go down because of pirated games or go up because people will keep having to buy games for MP.

ChronoJoe2967d ago

To be fair that's what I thought this silly article was suggesting when I read the title.

'Will sony sell more consoles', as in, will sony keep selling consoles...

Eamon2967d ago

His question made me LOL.

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Munky2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

The fact that it has been hacked it will guarantee that it will keep selling, and possibly even increase in sales.

Inspector_Max2967d ago

That's what happenned to the PS2 :)

PirosThe4th2967d ago

Exactly third wolrd countries say hi! XD

ThePlaystationFour2967d ago

The PS3 might have been hacked but I doubt people would pay $160 for a USB device.

Thecraft19892967d ago

No I payed £25 for mine.

mushroomwig2967d ago

You actually paid? It'll be free to download before you know it.

Thecraft19892967d ago

Mushroomwig whats your definition of free psp app got no psp Ipod sold shitty thing ? you cant download this turn normal usb unless all your usb have micro controllers and can be flashed with hex files.

Biggest2967d ago

Thecraft1989, where is it? Did you pre-pay and are waiting for it? I hope they have a "We lied so here's your money back" policy.

Eamon2967d ago

It's already free to download. It's called PSGroove.

But you need to buy a special type of USB Device to run it which goes for about $25 I think.

Thecraft19892967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Eamon thats what I have the software is free but you still had to pay for the AVR-USB-162 thats not free unless iam misunderstanding the word free ?

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