Duke Nukem Forever is Coming 2011 (X360, PS3, PC)

@XG247:The world stood still, Friday 6pm in the UK, waiting for a stream to go live on air and for 2k Games to reveal...Duke Nukem Forever.

People attending PAX this weekend will get the opportunity to get hands on with the game before anyone else in the world, lucky people! (I've heard that this game has been in development for a while). They have yet to release any press assets for us to put up but will have all the details up on XG247 as soon as we can get them.

Duke Nukem Forever is coming to the Xbox360, PS3 and PC in 2011 - Published by 2k Games.

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captain-obvious3059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

i dont know about you guys
but it think this is going to flop

now dont flame me but this is an old game coming back
and we know how that ends up most of the time

seinfan3059d ago

Well, I couldn't care less about how this game does. I'm just surprised that it's actually going to be released.

darthv723059d ago

i think thats what many are thinking as well seinfan.

I am more psyched that it is coming out even though it could end up a typical shooter.

Elwenil3059d ago

I'm just really sick of hearing about it. Either release it or just STFU about it. This never ending "it's coming", "it's cancelled", "it's coming again", "it's cancelled again" bit is getting old. As much as I love the Gran Turismo series I was really sick of hearing about it until the release date for GT5 was actually confirmed. This game I could care less about and I'm really, really tired of it. If it's good and the fans of the series love it, so much the better but geez, shit or get off the pot already.

deadreckoning6663059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )


Here's the stream. It looks like a straight up Rage Rip-off. Or more like a mix of Rage and Resistance. I want to see more gameplay though. The whole desert setting could have just been only one level.

@below- Yes, even with the low-res footage, you can tell that the game looks awesome graphically.

EDIT: HOLY SHIT!! Duke just took down this Goliath monster thing in hand to hand combat. WOOOOOW!!!! Pretty stunning stuff right there.

Elven63059d ago

Other way around if at all dude, Duke has been in development for longer than Rage has been and they haven't even shown much of Rage off, Duke's development was pretty isolated from Rage and vice versa.

Alot of the stuff shown in these videos are from 3D Realms work (it was mostly all leaked after the team was let go).

SilentNegotiator3059d ago

"It looks like a straight up Rage Rip-off"

.......If you didn't know, it's been in development for around 10 years.
We've seen some of the desert level gameplay WAY before we even knew that RAGE existed.

PS360PCROCKS3059d ago

I disagree, watch the footage, it looks graphically good. The mechanic of "point and shoot" is always popular, It's kind of an age old game. Everyone wants to see the Duke in action with his one liners. i dunno shooting stuff with guns, I bet it sells tons.

anti-gamer3059d ago

agree with captain after gearbox well make the game with out 3d realms, I got that Sense the game well flop.

3d realms > gearbox.

RIP 3d realms. you was a g8 games Developers.

raztad3059d ago

I'm playing PREY from 3D Realms. Very good and innovative game.

Regarding Duke Nukem Forever. It is gonna be an ok game, that people will buy off nostalgia.

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MicroSony4Life3059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

from Game Stop will get some kind of special treatment from 2K?

DeeZee3059d ago

They should get the game for free. Payback for all the years of waiting.

Baka-akaB3059d ago

you might even require to be payed!

DeeZee3059d ago

Bwahahaha, damn I should have pre-ordered this game when I was a pre-teen!

MicroSony4Life3059d ago

"When 3D Realms first announced their video game Duke Nukem Forever in 1997, it was early in its development. The company's previous game released in 1996"

Cevapi883059d ago

based on compound interest and your pre-order, you should have paid off the game off by now based on FV of the dollar amount back in '97....being all technical for the DUKE...the days of playing him on my PS1, those were the days, the strippers, the pigs, the timeless quotes, ahhh the memories

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mushroomwig3059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

Aha, now there's an understatement. It feels like this game has been in development for about the same time I've been on this Earth. o_O

DeeZee3059d ago

Is this the Twilight Zone? I won't believe this until the game is in my hands haha

mushroomwig3059d ago

It's worse than the Twilight Zone, it's...The Scary Door.

MicroSony4Life3059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

Any info on which engine the game is useing - since 2k is the publiser any chance that it will use the Bioshock engine?

Edit: Thanks for the info Baka - hopefully its running on A modified Unreal Engine 3.5 like Mass Effect 2.

Baka-akaB3059d ago

well it kept switching to each unreal engine of existence every few years , so it's most likely an UE3 game

Convas3059d ago

Unbelievable. How this came back from the land of vaporware is beyond me. I can't wait to see how it turns out, now that it's "done".

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