Duke Nukem Forever development 'complete'

It's the headline everybody wanted to read.

Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford has just confirmed that development on Duke Nukem Forever is complete. The title's being "polished" and will be released in 2011.

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Honest_gamer2965d ago

'complete' doesnt work with this game i cant believe it but HELL YEH

user8586212965d ago

be funny if it got mediocre reviews

I Call 9MM2965d ago

Finally done, hell yeah. Watching the stream right now, looks fun.

Nevermind this 2011 stuff, if the game is done throw it up on Steam so I don't have to wait!

fossilfern2965d ago

finaly after reading about duke nukem forever in like 1998 i can now finaly get the game iv been wanting for over 10 years :D it will probably end up shit but i dont care im getting it !

KingPin2965d ago

i have a feeling this game is gonna get a whole lot of low review scores. purely based that reviewers will be judging it on the development time it took to complete this game. you will probably read reviews along the lines of "we waited this long and for what? its mediocre at best. lacking originality, graphics seem dated, blah blah blah..." it goes on. but il be getting this game. if it sucks so be it, but il definitely be making my own review score on this one.

Soldierone2965d ago

Then again those reviews didnt come for Starcraft 2. Game was a clone of Starcraft 1 and had the same development "issues" as Duke Nukem. Only differnce is Duke Nukem fans are not brainwashed dead....

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The story is too old to be commented.