Are Treyarch Trying to Teach Life Lessons?

After the Black Ops multiplayer reveal, can it be summated that Treyarch are trying to teach their players lessons their parents should have taught them?

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coolcut1352994d ago

maybe thats looking a little too deeply into things ?

AC130-Gunship2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

The article doesn't make sense. Call of Duty is a freaking game for Gods sake. Now if Chris had of hypothesized that Activision pressed Treyarch to add these new elements in preparation for the COD subscription service.

That would have been more interesting.

morganfell2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

The only life lesson they are teaching is over saturation. I am so sick of nonstop gumflapping and BlackOps relentless advertisements in the form of supposed press releases that the game will seem tired before it arrives. It actually feels so now.

Treyarch could learn from COD4 and Activision could learn from their past.

Part of the problem is Treyarch now thinks they are god and invented CoD. It will ultimately be their undoing since they only specialize in building on others ideas. Their own (Quantum of Solace) are just pure crap.

jdktech20102994d ago

First off, they were split 3 ways when working on QoS (never played), WAW and a spider man game.

Second, you're tired of what you just did (constant gumflapping)....that's cruious

Third, if you don't like the game, don't buy it

People make things bigger deals than they should

morganfell2994d ago

You obviously do not comprehend the process of gumflapping. Also over saturation has escaped you and you have been likely residing under some miserable rock if you do see the volume of over advertisement that has been occurring.

And you are making a bigger deal of my comments than your should...If you do not like then neither read nor respond to such in the future.

omi25p2994d ago

maybe they should try and teach people not to waste money on the same trash each year

syanara2994d ago

Forgive me for being a grammar Nazi here but uh, "Are Treyarch Trying to Teach Life Lessons?". This one is just elementary.

LarsoVanguard2994d ago

I think when he says that, he's referring to the group of people who comprise the company, Treyarch, and individual interpretation means that either 'are' or 'is' would indeed be acceptable.

Cloudd2993d ago

Even if he is talking about the people, they are acting as a group. When they are acting as a group 'is' would be correct.

Sorry if I sound like a douche, I'm just a grammar nazi. I may be wrong. :-)

The BS Police2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

If life gives you a cash cow... Milk it!

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