5 Ways Bungie is Desperately Trying to Get You Addicted to Halo: Reach

AC: Halo: Reach is on its way and under the cool features and awesome graphics of Halo: Reach is a plot by Bungie to totally take over your life. The following are five key features of Halo: Reach that are designed to turn you into a Halo: Reach addict.

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PaPa-Slam2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

HAA fans will be addicted to the game even if it sucks, which it will definitely not.

-Mezzo-2969d ago

Exactly, i hope it's exactly what it's hyped to be.

Valay2969d ago

People should just enjoy Halo for what it is.

HarryMonogenis2969d ago

"5 Ways Bungie is Desperately"

They're not trying "desperately" because Bungie knows what the community wants, they know how to release an extremely "worth-your-money" product.

And with an unimaginable amount of pre-orders, Bungie doesn't need to pull off a desperado..

despair2969d ago

hell they don't need to "desperately" try to get people addicted to Halo, they could re-release Halo 1 with updated graphics and people would play it till the next halo fix. But they tend to create great online gameplay that draws in people. I personally don't like Halo very much but it is very popluar online for a reason.