Video: The Debate Continues: Kinect Vs PS Move

Gamertag Radio writes: "I recorded this debate at the COD Black Ops event. HipHopGamer & Vicious696 debates about Kinect vs PS Move."

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LeonSKennedy4Life2994d ago

Watch the video.

He owned Vicious.

Dance Central CAN be done on the PlayStation Eye.

Sony has Singstar +Dance. Dance Central is not that good. It is not.

I love Harmonix, but it's nothing special.

zootang2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Look at Sony Music. They are one of the biggest labels in the world!

Harmonix have to go to Sony for decent tracks!

I'm sure Sony can make a better product if they wanted to with Singstar with artists like Michael Jackson, Usher, Elvis!

8-bit2994d ago

This was a terrible discussion... They didn't bring up any of Kinect's limitations what so ever. The were comparing it from a casual standpoint as their ENTIRE argument..

Kinect can only do stationary or rail based games because you can't move around a map without a controller. Kinect can only do gesture based games without buttons. Kinect hasn't been demonstrated playing game types that gamers actually play. Move has been proven on all gametypes to work. The core audience doesn't even have a choice but to go with Move.

Thatguy-3102994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

I remember that Harmonix stated that they could bring Dance central to the ps3 so i dont know what the big deal is .Plus coming to sales i predict that natal will only outsell the ps move here in the states where the xbox360 clearly holds an advantage over the ps3... however speaking world-wide it will be close call but ps move will come out on top.

Apocalypse Shadow2994d ago

point 1:

not everyone casual or hardcore bought a wii.i'm core,and i didn't see wii as a revolution because it didn't do what it claimed.even with i didn't buy wii.but i do see Move as an evolution of the wiimote as the dualshock was to the original ps1 controller.and this is coming from someone that had 3 gamecubes and every other nintendo system.move creates deeper gameplay options over the wiimote.

point 2:

move will have online gaming.wii has poor online gaming.nintendo doesn't care about online as they want gamers to play together offline.but then,sony can do both.4 moves offline with friends *AND* a great online structure.again,sony can offer more options over

point 3

the move is accurate.allows you to play as if you were playing in real life.wii sports may be fun.but it won't increase you gaming ability if all you have to do is flick your wrist and just sony's sports game,you actually have to play as we seen with the dad and his son.that can be fun and increase you gaming ability.

point 4

gamers always have to wait for nintendo's small selection of 1st party titles.when i had gamecube,i was waiting forever for 1st part i sold it.won a second one in a contest.played it for awhile then sold that.then bought a cheap,used one later but my memory cards i had no need to go back to it.and most of nintendo's exclusive capcom titles came over to ps2.and with sony's 20+ 1st party developers,i don't have to wait as long on quality content.and sony has created many hits this gen that rival anything nintendo has made.

point 5

kinect is limited.anyone that says otherwise is lying to controller means a less deep experience.just look at the launch's obvious just like the eyetoy ans pseye.but we can definitely see that move allows 3D interaction.and that's not even talking about 3D tvs.kinect has only showed 2D interaction.the same thing we have seen with eyetoy/pseye.

point 6 and my final point

lets say kinect sells more,does that mean it's quality is better?should i buy it because the masses are buying it like a fad?maybe i should go out and buy wiifit.that must be an awesome game for a core gamer like me.but i'm not fat and i'm pretty fit.i do real stuff to stay fit.if kinect sells more,what deep gameplay will it offer over move?sony still has the can head track,voice recognize,has facial recognition ,scanning of objects and gesture options too.

(watch the first 20 seconds)

what will kinect offer gamers that is so ***DEEP***????

a $150 dollar dashboard remote?

Doc Sony2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

After watching those vids I am convinced that the PSEye is more advanced than Kinect.

Qui-Gon Jim2993d ago

But with Kinect you don't have to twiddle your fingers to make menu selections! Clearly Kinect is superior. /s

thorstein2994d ago

One raged by lameboys over whose pile of shit motion controller is better? OOooohhh, lameboys For the Win: the prize, their name written in feces.

phantomexe2994d ago

> > Alrighty then, forget those meds did ya

Silver3602994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

No one said kinect was better than move. The whole arguement was about which would sell more. And no matter what you think the majority of people out there are totally ignorant about gaming. Their choices will be determined by marketing not by being informed.

Shadow Flare2994d ago

You just ended the move vs kinetc debate. Well done sir.

alb18992994d ago

Apocalypse Shadow

Too much points!

They are not talking about witch is better they are talking about witch will sell more and i think Kinect will sell more and is true that this dance central will sell as hell and is not possible in move and is true that the perception of move is an upgrade wii and kinect in the other hand look fresh even with lag seems to me different.
So is valid to say that Hip HOP gamer will have to give the belt!

KratosGod32994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

I think you are in a deep deep dream dud.
is time to wake up and get ready for the reality and stop been a fanboy

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DigitalRaptor2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

How is there still any sort of debate about this?

The PS Move is the only motion control solution out of the two that will have any sort of positive effect on hardcore gaming.

Kinect is a pure gimmick aimed purely at the casuals and core gamers shouldn't be interested in it because it's laggy, unresponsive, the hardware is limited and you can't play proper games on it. I'm pretty sure that's NOT what hardcore gamers want from their games. They like precision, responsiveness and feedback from their controllers. If Kinect had any shot at being any good, Microsoft shouldn't have removed that processing chip. Now it's good for nothing but casual and lifestyle games.

PS Move has proved itself with real games, intuitative developer demos, and is suitable for any sort of game for any type of gamer.

Kinect hasn't proved anything, other than it can provide experiences that the EyeToy was able to do years ago, and that the Playstation Eye can provide right now. And Microsoft has made it perfectly clear what their goal is with it. Kinect is a waste of resources and just a distraction to the industry.

Now before anyone tries to have a go at me, I'm just being realistic here.

Edit: On another note - It's kinda ironic that MS are touting Kinect as you being the controller (apparently making the experience more immersive), because when you have nothing to hold you are less attached to what you are doing within the game. When you have something to hold and interact with, you feel more connected. Microsoft really hasn't thought this through.


The GAMES on the Ps3 will sell the move when people see how awesome they are! The shoot, Killzone 3, Dead space 2, Heavy Rain, The Agent, Heroes on the Moves, Time Crisis 1 2 3 4, start the party, RESIDENT EVIL 5, Little Big Planet 2, Socom 4, and thats just in the first six months of the Launch... Thats more than the WII and Kenect Combined. However the Xbox fan base has already Preordered over 100,000 Kinects, Showing once again that HYPE can be more effective than Quality when selling a product....cough cough Halo reach...

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