Batman: Arkham City Not Out Until 2011, But You Can Get this Behind-the-Scenes Interview Right Now

It's the sequel to 2009's official Game of The Year. The artwork is hot. The screenshots are mind-blowing. So it's no surprise that anticipation for Batman: Arkham City has gone mega-off-the-sphincter-scale in the GamesRadar offices.

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jazzking20012968d ago

u dont need such a long title lol

Valay2968d ago

2011 is going to be pretty ridiculous. Especially if the 3DS comes out then.

deadreckoning6662968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

3DS, Battlefield 3, Infamous 2, Arkham City, Left 4 Dead 3, Agent, Uncharted 3...2011 is gunna be INSANE!!!

pr0digyZA2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Is uncharted 3 confirmed for 2011 if it is then that is gonna be so good. And left 4 dead 3 never new that was being made yet.

ChickeyCantor2968d ago

Damn it i still need to play the first one.

Kingdom Come2968d ago

I highly recommend you purchase it. Soon. In fact, is there a Game Store near where you are? If so, you might just want to go and buy it, Now.