GameBlurb: Metroid - Other M Review

GameBlurb writes, "To say that Metroid: Other M may have been one of the most anticipated Nintendo titles to be released in years would be an understatement. So with the past success of the franchise and having yet another new studio interpret the series, how does Metroid: Other M hold up to the hype? Let’s take a look."

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jaidek3020d ago

I picked the game up, and while I am enjoying it the controls really get in the way at times. It really should have used the nunchuk as well.

liquidxtension3020d ago

if I had a wii, id still buy this. Seems like its still worth it for any metroid fan.

MicrocutsX23020d ago

Yeah i've heard many people get confused with the fps to 2.5D switch. Sometimes it apparently does it by itself and you can't move until you've found a clue in the stage. Would be nice if they at least gave you a hint on what you should be looking for.

shak3020d ago

yeah, i would've preferred to use the nunchuck as well