IGN's Review of Dead Rising

IGN gives us their opinion of our favorite new zombie-killing game.

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Marriot VP5392d ago

IGN's 360 reviews are always lower than gamespot's, 1ups, and many others. So then I ask why the bias. Readers average is always .3 to .5 more on average.

TheMART5392d ago

"Though Dead Rising may seem like a simple, mindless game when you first pick it up, it eventually reveals itself as a deeper experience. Tons of extras are packed into Willamette's shops, there are magazine power-ups and special drink mixes to be brewed, lots of clothing combinations, countless pictures to be taken and plenty of NPCs to be saved. The game provides an incentive for every aspect, making each worth pursuing. It's a game that somehow remains cohesive despite having so many seemingly unrelated elements."

It says it all, it's a great game with good humor in it. This is just a must have in the line up of games one has with the 360!