Amazon Offers 99 Cent Release Day Shipping For Move Checked my e-mail this morning to find something from regarding my Playstation Move pre-order. The e-mail said I could upgrade to release day shipping for 99 cents… even being the cheap ass that I am, it didn’t take me but a second to get it done. I assume this offer is going out to all PS Move pre-orders and it’s nice to see amazon do this… wish they did it with all pre-orders.

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ethan2993d ago

Sweet! But I have mine pre-ordered from walmart, so doesn't help me.

guitarded772992d ago

Cancel your pre-order and order from amazon... you may save on sales tax too depending on where you live.

Also, I did edit the story to say it was 99 cents per item. I ordered a starter pack, an extra wand and a navigation controller, so shipping came out to $2.97. Just FYI.