Joystiq: Hands-on with the new Xbox 360 controller with transforming D-pad

Joystiq writes: "Well, what do we have here? While visiting lovely and scenic Redmond, WA to spend some time (about two hours, to be exact) with Fable 3, we accepted an invitation to swing by one of the Xbox buildings and check out the new (and, yes, improved) Xbox 360 wireless controller with transforming D-pad. We not only played with a final prototype controller, but also got a first look at the retail packaging, lenticular image and all."

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AbyssGravelord2971d ago

Looks cool, but I don't know if I want to spend another $60 on another controller just for a D-Pad.

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BasilMarceaux2971d ago

Better D-pad Yes. But the rest looks worse! Analog sticks look more slippery and who the hell thought eliminating the colors on the buttons was a good idea?

Dramscus2971d ago

Makes it cheaper to make by ten to fifteen cents a controller.

kenjix2970d ago

mean that they can save on color and make more money off the fans. who cares they'll defend it either way.

uxo222970d ago

Uh, "Looks Slippery" doesn't mean is slippery. Just like "Sounds like a douche" doesn't mean you actually are a douche.

Also, most gamers for the most part has the button color position committed to memory. If you need to look down at the button to see what color you are hitting, you probably sucks at games anyway.

ShadowCK2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

I highly doubt the Analog sticks will be slippy. You won't be looking at the colours of the buttons when you play. Personally I think it makes for better contrasting. I mean, does it bother you that the PS3 controller doesn't have bright colours?

Tricksy2970d ago

They might not have new games, but they have a new controller! Woot!

TrailerParkSupervisr2970d ago

I think that was a bad idea. I always associate the shapes when using my PS3 but when using my 360 I always associate the colors, not the letters.

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Hallmark Moment2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

The new controller doesn't cost more it just comes with a play and charge kit. LOL Angry the 360 controller is now perfect not being able to use the D-pad issue to claim one controller is better for fighting games. You know what I said is the real beef from PS3 fanboys.

SilentNegotiator2970d ago

Yeah, luckily they have the charge kit, that probably costs a dollar to make, to justify the higher price.

"LOL Angry the 360 controller is now perfect not being able to use the D-pad issue to claim one controller is better for fighting games"
They only have it for a limited time. Saying what you said is like saying that that the RROD is gone because the newer ones have a better failure rate.

Besides, the good D-pad on the dinner plate D-pad doesn't really improve the controller; it will still be inaccurate when you spin the plate under the D-pad.

blu_yu_away2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

Including a play and charge kit is just MS's underhand way of charging more while making it appear like a good deal. Also a nice way to ensure many people will buy a second play and charge.

dragonelite2971d ago

Would say go with the razer one

only potential downside is it wired.

r1sh122970d ago

WHen major announced the price on his video.
Its like WTF, the old controllers are like half that at the most.
I mean you could just buy a controller that isnt made by MS and its still all good.
The hori ex blue 360..
I mean there are other options

DevastationEve2970d ago

Little by little Microsoft is evolving their console to meet a newer audience as well as the criticisms of the older audience.

Xbox 360 isn't perfect, but at least Microsoft shows their genuine interest in keeping the brand fresh and staying connected with gamers. I wasn't the first to like the changes but little by little I'm liking what they have to offer.

If you don't, buy a PS3. For me, my next console will be the 360 S and this controller matches it well.

bviperz2970d ago

It's not the controller that get's me worked up, it's the price, piece-mil B.S. that Microsoft does that angers me.

And it's not the XBOX that worries me, it's the lack of exclusive games that's are not Kinect related.

pain777pas2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

I'm not trying to anger anyone but seriously, all these changes are for us who are already 360 owners to purchase these things. Faulty console from launch then release a new one later. The system should have been recalled and pulled. Raise the price to play online when you can do everything they offer with your ISP and PC or PS3. Netflix is extra and it goes on... DLC and this 8 hours is worth $60 stuff just started this life cycle and I won't blame M$ for this because development costs went up so developers want this model for their games but some of the most herald games last 5 hours at the most and then charge exuberant amounts of money to get all the DLC. I just think that their gaming structure for what were getting is just not adding up. I mean proprietary HARDRIVE AGAIN? They buy exclusives from demos to full games and have pretty much bought some of their fanbase including me in the beginning I admit. With Bioware, Rare and Lionhead I thought they were going to be a serious gaming company but what do we have now? Me too products and not an ounce of inovation. Be real the glorified eyetoy is what it is a glorified eyetoy. Nothing new but marketing and US media brainwashing. I really used to like the system when Jay Allard, Peter Moore and John S were around. Since they left something just isn't right.

outlawlife2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

also it is the same price the controller plus play and charge kits have been since 360 launched. no price changed but the product changed for the better.

sounds like a really good reason to complain /sarcasm

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Microsoft_Spokesman2971d ago

You have to buy a new over priced controller just to be able to play comfortably. Not too much you also have to buy the game, xbox live etc.

Troll_Police2971d ago

They are forcing you to buy a play and charge kit if you want this controller.

RH062971d ago

They show you that it comes with the battery slot. The only controller that comes with a battery is the PS3 yes, but don't come Trolling around spreading rumors!

BasilMarceaux2971d ago

So they arent forcing you to buy a play and charge kit with this controller? Hmm couldve fooled me

RH062971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

What do you mean forcing you? It says on the box with play and charge kit..And an updated P&C at that with better battery life. Its fuzzy but i'm not blind! Do you like AA's with you new controller?

"Elzar" says "Bam"

BasilMarceaux2971d ago


They are charging you more because you are paying for the P+C also, whether you want to or not (thus forcing you to).

If the controller itself cost $65, then they released this "bundle" with the P+C for the same price, we could say hey, it comes with this P+C kit how nice of MS! But this is not the case, they know you want the shiny new controller so bad that you will pay extra to buy the P+C as well whether you need it or not, because you dont have a choice. Understand this concept?

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darthv722971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

you had to buy the ds3 for $60 if you wanted to play games for the rumble effect. That was before it became the pack in controller.

No word on if this will become the new pack in but I do believe MS may re-engineer their controllers so all of them do this. It is just being sold sep for now.

edit: I was referring to when it came out. But you can find them cheap if you look. I tried to get one for $25 from radio shack on the day after xmas sale.

Dramscus2971d ago

nope 45

I think it's 49.99 at my local future shop.

For 60 I can get a controller and a game packaged together.

lastdual2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

The DS3 was $54.95 at launch.

Similarly, I'm sure this controller will drop in price before long. And I agree that MS would be dumb not to pack it in with future releases of the redesigned 360.

What I like from the controller is that the d-pad actually seems less 'slidy'. That was always my real problem, not so much the shape of disk vs cross.

2971d ago
Testo2970d ago

"Similarly, I'm sure this controller will drop in price before long."

Like how you can buy a 360 20gb HDD for the amazing price of 50 bucks.... 4 years later!

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BasilMarceaux2971d ago

If they smart, theyd bundle this with Reach and boost sales of both.

Doubt many people are going to be stupid enough to pay this price for just a better d-pad. There are plenty of third party controllers out there with great d-pads that cost less than the original, not $10 more.

Garrus_Vakarian2971d ago

I'm glad they improved the d-pad. I rarely ever use it, if I can help it.

KiLLUMiNATi_892971d ago

WTF. Can someone tell me the fucking point of this controller.. It looks the same and wtf 65$, Ms can Blow me fuck that.

RH062971d ago

Since MS was getting so much hate mail from people who wanted to use the D-pad as the main movement in fighting games they had to redesign it. I don't know why they would charge more, just drop the price of the controllers and keep these new ones the usual price. But hey if your like me and don't play fighting games that often then it's not a big deal.

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