What does Move Bring to Traditional Games?

IGN: The key difference between Move and Kinect – at the moment at least – is that Move is far more obviously suited to existing game genres; it's got buttons and an analogue stick. Create a Kinect game and you've got to design it from the ground up for body-control, but Move can be used as an optional accompaniment to a DualShock rather than a forced alternative

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Sevir042969d ago

Its true. with kinect, you are risking alot because you ahve to build from the ground up!
The Move on the other hand can be patched ojn the fly or can be designed ground up with minmal risk because you can also design the game with DS3 in mind.

The support and time t takes doesn't require much resources and R&D so it not something that will force you to spend plenty of time with making something that could potentially not yeild significant
profit because the potential to fail is greater still only time will tell. i believe that both motion controller
alternatives will be successful to warrant a fanbase. which will be more successful?

the development community and the games will dictate that.

Darkfiber2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

Nothing. It doesn't make a crappy game better. It adds no value to a game. That's the definition of a gimmick, my friend. Something that people get all excited over then when they actual get it, it's only interesting for about 5 minutes then nobody cares anymore. It happened to the Wii and it'll happen to this.

As long as they don't stop making regular games and don't require Move for any good games that come out, I couldn't care less. Maybe if the controller was actually like $40 like a controller should be and not $180, I might actually consider getting it.

Sevir042969d ago

wait! what retailer told you that the move cost $180 per controller? last I checked it cost $50 stand alone and $100 with game bundle and Eye? ignorance must be bliss.

Bell Boy2968d ago

FUD spreader alert....Darkfiber a prime example of someone so desperate for what he sees as the opposition to fail that he will claim 1 Move controller will cost $180 each...what a tool

ArchangelMike2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

It could be argued that Motion controls bring a greater sense of immersion. Take games like Golf, Tennis, Baseball etc. Motion control brings an added element of immersion by allowing the player to accurately mimic the appropriate required input, as opposed to simply pressing a button to simulate the requried movement!

In this regard Move does add extra accuracy and skill to traditional games; from aiming a gun in FPS games, to sports games, to RPGs etc. Games like Heavy Rain, and Sorcery are good demonstrations of how the tech can progress.

We can all imagine how Move can be implemented in our favourite survival horror games - such as Siren Blood Curse; or in upcoming games like Metal Gear Solid Rising. It is evident that Move will work well with these games. Ansd this is evidence that actually it will offer a more immersive gaming experience than simple using the Dualshock 3.