Hi-res 7680x4320 Downloads: New Mortal Kombat Screens

Excerpt: Fresh from PAX, we've got brand new Mortal Kombat screenshots showing off Scorpion, Nightwolf and others, but THESE are enormous 7680x4320 shots, downloadable in full resolution via this handy zip file.

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PhilipLarkin2995d ago

That's a damn lot of pixels...

Queasy2995d ago

More than you'll see on your HDTV. LOL

killyourfm2995d ago

what's the highest resolution monitor available on the market?

hay2995d ago

@killyourfm: 3280×2048.

And why would you want to kill my [F]requency [M]odulation??

killyourfm2995d ago

@hey: Because mainstream radio has sucked since the grunge/alt rock scene fizzled :-)

TrevorPhillips2995d ago

Mortal Kombattttttttttt!!!!!

RH062995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

The "Living Forest" is back! Dang you can zoom in forever and it still looks Crisp! I wonder if you get to fight that Monster behind Reptile in the game?

2995d ago
washingmachine2995d ago

wow,a wallsize mural poster thingy lol

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