Bayonetta devs restore reputation with PS3 Vanquish

GamerBlorge: When Bayonetta launched last year, the game was mired in controversy due to its inferior PS3 port. Despite excellent review scores, the game sales suffered most likely due to the controversy.

Oddly enough the PS3 version of the Bayonetta did end up outselling the Xbox 360 version despite being inferior. However, Platinum Games, the developers behind Bayonetta were blamed by the public for the inferior PS3 por

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Dance2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

but lot of the article seems to taken digital foundry analysis out of context

A Cupcake for Gabe2971d ago

good to know platinum can make a good looking game. bayonetta wasnt that HD on 360 or PS3. This one, at least from the demo, blows bayonetta way visually and in frame rates and insane effects

Aggesan2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Actually Bayonetta has double the framerate of Vanquish. Don't know about the effects though since I haven't actually played Bayonetta (wouldn't get it 'cause of the bad PS3-port).

On a side note, it'll be interesting to see how much Vanquish will sell on PS3 now that Platinum Games actually made it work like it should work!

Game-ur2971d ago

A lot seem to forget bayonetta has a patch on the PS3 that solves many of the problems; I played it on the PS3 and didn’t have issues.

raztad2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Not out of context but the drawing conclusion on its own.

"Considering that Xbox 360 version is unable to perform triple-buffering with more GPU memory,"

Does someone know if there is games on the xbox using triple buffering? I havent heard of any.

"it stands to reason that Platinum Games is making use of robust Cell processor to do the heavy lifting. If so, its definitely an impressive feat that demonstrates the studio’s mastery of the PS3 hardware."

This is too much. Triple buffering is being used by first party devels since KZ2. UC2 and GoW3 use it as well, resulting in totally v-synced games. KZ2 engine is deferred and still manage to run at 720p, while Vanquish is sub-hd. I would say PG did a good job this time, but they are far from mastering PS3 hardware.

yewles12971d ago

raz hit the nail on the head.

Redempteur2971d ago

well at least that leave room for platinium in the multiplat area .they can still improve their engine on both consoles.
if there is a bayonnetta 2 or a vanquish 2 the technical issues should be non-existant

BattleAxe2971d ago

The demo was kind of lame. It definately had a japanese feel to it.

Johandevries2971d ago

PS3 = reputation paradise?

gtsentry2971d ago

even with the ps3 having the inferior version of bayonetta it still sold more than the 360 version

wazzim2971d ago

That just shows that most people just get it on the one console they own..

Troll_Police2971d ago

No, that just shows the the PS3 owners are more diverse gamers who like all kinds of games, not just shooters.

Aggesan2971d ago

Or it might show that Bayonetta was a very Japanese game and that PS3 is a lot bigger in Japan(and Europe) than in the states.

Schobeleth2971d ago

It is a very Japanese game but the worldwide PS3 audience is generally more open minded and into various genres and themes as compared to the 360 audience, IMO. We see this with basically any multiplatform game that isn't a shooter involving bulky, steroid filled space marines or aliens, or generic sports games.

It's been like this since the PS1 days when there was a multitude of genres and themes to choose from. It's great to have variety, you know?

theIMP2971d ago

I would like to know what ya'll are basing this "PS3 fan's like a bigger variety" argument on. I like Xbox more and I like a variety of game's, So you are wrong about me so how many others are you wrong about. Most of the people I know that have just a PS3 play the same games I am playing, they have similar taste when it comes to games. So why do you act like the two different fan bases are different races or religions. It sounds stupid, and you are dead wrong. Also the highest selling type games are the same on both systems. To be honest I think Xbox has more variety than PS3, I can't think of a real RTS on PS3. I am not sure, they may have a bunch of them, but please stop trying to make you senseless opinion sound like a fact.

Schobeleth2971d ago

Shooters and sports games tend to do better on the 360, although there are some exceptions, while more nichè games do better on the PS3. Why do you think games like Yakuza 3+4 and Valkyria Chronicles will never see the light of day on the 360? They're obviously very Japanese influenced or themed, and are generally more nichè titles.

It's also reliant on install base, most of the 360's worldwide sales are in the USA, most of it's sales are shooters as the Halo and Gears of War franchises helped polarize the XBL community to be predominantly shooter players.

The Wii may lead in worldwide hardware sales but for the most part has little to no hardcore games and users, most only use theirs for an hour or two a week to humor company with party games. There's nothing wrong with that, it just shows in sales when more hardcore games struggle to even break the 1 million mark, arguably the breaking point when developers start to see profit on the Wii (after Nintendo's fees and development costs).

The PS3 has solid worldwide sales, especially in Asia because it's arguably the only "hardcore" Japanese console available. There's a mix of Japanese pride and poor marketing going on in the East if you ask me. Not only is it hard for Microsoft to break into the Asian market but they aren't going about it the right way.
They've only been securing timed third party exclusives at best while neglecting other issues like their nonexistant first/second party studios, heavily advertising in the Americas and some of Europe while they only lead in hardware sales in the Americas.
It seems to me like they've had somewhat of a half-assed strategy to try to break out into other territories with the 360, securing timed exclusives and DLC while shutting down what they should be building up: first and second party studios. If they had as many as Sony or Nintendo they could be pushing out more exclusives, more variety to market to different regions as well (as we all know certain game types don't do well in certain regions).

Many writers and websites were crying that the day of exclusives is long gone, if you ask me, we've never needed them more.


theIMP2971d ago

Fair enough I guess. I still don't really agree, but thanks for having a discussion instead of just calling me a troll followed by a list of insults. I just see people say that on N4G all the time, and in my life experience it's not true, but I didn't know if there was a reason I see it repeated so often. Anyways thanks again for the civil post.

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Baka-akaB2971d ago

it also shows that despite the claims of it being unplayable it was fine and very playable after a patch .

With most of my stuff on ps3 , and the motivations of trophies , i bought the ps3 version , then borrowed many months later the 360 version . As expected and already seen with the demo ... yeah of course the 360 version was better . Perfect even , and making mebuying it a second time .

By it was still easily playable on ps3 , especially for someone who didnt touch the 360 version .

THe amount of trash and bs people threw at the game , you'd believe it was in a state of perpetual lag , like an outdated pc trying to run Crysis 1 .

Thankfully , the general public didnt care and follow that bullshit

raztad2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

I got that.

However PG pulled a Valve giving their main market (PS3) a shoddy outsourced port, while for unknown reasons they worked on the xbox version as if the game was exclusive.

Dont undertand the rationale behind Bayonetta development. It's got to be he same as making RPGs exclusively for the xbox. Those games are doomed to flop.

Regarding Vanquish. I'm not too happy with its sub-HD status, and the whole: "great game is the same on both platforms" dont make it any better. Still it's clear PG did their best this time, and their efforts will be supported if the game has a decent length (12+ hours perhaps?)

mastiffchild2971d ago

I prefer playing multiplats on my PS3 because, mainly, I like the DS3 better than the 360 pad and I happened to end up with both versions of Bayonetta for free. Even before the patch I didn't have any issues with the PS3 version and that's the one I chose to actually play through with-the weaknesses were nothing to worry about and if you had never seen a DF/LoT story on the matter the only thing 99% of folk would EVER be able to have noticed was the longer load times and, maybe, a bit of slowdown at odd times.

To me, because it was one occasion where there actually was a difference they could measure it got blown out of all proportion and when the games are both aiming for parity rather than beating out any PS360 exclusives I fail to see where any fanboy points were available to be won or lost. Fact is the differences are almost never big enough to warrant someone changing from their console of choice. LoT and co all NEED there to be winners and losers in this non existent competition top justify their basic existence and too many of us buy into it but thankfully not the general gaming public, it would seem. For once, maybe, ignorance IS bliss?

2971d ago
Gue12971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

the game's sub-HD and 30fps (not even locked cus judging by the demo comparisons sometimes the frame goes as low as 23fps) when it was suppose to be 720p and 60fps like Bayonetta. I think they just took a shortcut to make both versions equal..

wazzim2971d ago

It takes ALOT of time to make it 60FPS/720P, not worth it.

mrmikew20182971d ago

30fps is not that bad bro and besides Vanquish has twice as many things going on screen than Bayonetta.

You act like Bayonetta kept a stable framerate of 60fps, when it didn't.

DigitalAnalog2971d ago

EG confirmed it to be 720p.

-End statement

Baka-akaB2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

what's with the obsession of 30/60 fps ?
The game is more lively , fast paced , , smoother than some games in 60 fps with a clunky slow marine with a m16 .

The funniest part , even if a bit irrelevant part , is that most of the guys obsessed by frames and their rate , wouldnt usually even be able to count ion frames for moves in a fighting game ...
Something usanimatually rather important for advanced level in fighting games .

People love to complain about stuff they cant notice until told about it .

raztad2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

STFU Wiimaniac. You are spouting nonsense.

Vanquish is NOT a sequel of Bayonetta, nor it is using Bayonetta core rendering tech. Vanquish is using its own tech to render (a lot of slow motion stuff and postprocessing). There is an article on PG webpage from a technical guy saying they built the rendering engine specifically for Vanquish.

Using the rationale of those fanboys, we should be asking KZ3 to run at 60fps 1080p because SuperStarDust does.

raztad2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

OK. I see I got some disagrees from clueless fans that have nothing good to say but just disagree away,

It just happen I recalled another game that was 60 fps (BURNOUT PARADISE), however, the next game from the same developer (CRITERION) is a 30fps one (NFS:HP2).

I wonder why is that. Following Wiimaniac pathetic post, surely CRITERION TOOK A SHORTCUT TO MAKE BOTH VERSIONS EQUAL. Oh, wait, is there something wrong here? B:P was 60fps as well on PS3 if I remember well.

Let me give you a hint: NFS:HP2 uses deferred rendering, which was not in B:P. Pay a visit to Eurogamer. There is a very nice interview to CRITERION devs over there.

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