PS Move title, will have you hog tied.

SFG writes,"Hey there dudes and dudettes. Have you ever wanted throw a lasso, tie some poor animal up, or ride a bull. Then I ‘ve got the game for you. Top Hand Rodeo Tour, is a new PS Move supported rodeo game, that is headed to the PSN. While I put on my chaps and hat, please read below for the details."

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callahan092965d ago

Is this for real? Oh No...

will_c_752965d ago

at least the press release sent to me seems to be. I am wondering if you straddle one move controller and ride it like a horse while you twirl the other above your head like a lasso.

galgor2965d ago

and thought Hogs of War 2!! It'd be perfect for Move!!!

Meowhammad2965d ago

shovelware now available on the PS3!!