TMG Roundtable: Xbox LIVE Price Increase

The staff at The Married Gamers discuss their opinions on the Xbox Live price increase.

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Troll_Police2967d ago

Only in America are people happy to pay for features that are FREE everywhere else.

divideby02967d ago

^ not its not all in American, its the blind fanboyz who defend higher prices..they are the nitwitts.

I am a charter live gold member from day one.
When my sub runs out in Jan. I will have had my fill with reach and will NOT renew my rip off live sub that I have been paying for what 5 or 6 years now.

this price increase just shows how little MS is offering real gamers..bye bye Live

Troll_Police2967d ago

MS is counting on people to renew for Halo: Reach. The only way that MS will listen is if you guys don't stand for this and stop paying MS to use your own peer-to-peer connection to play games online.

darthv722967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

several times i have debated canceling. I keep it because I may want to play an online match or two now and then. I do use the netflix almost every night. I guess when people see the big price of $60 it doesnt matter if it is a day, week, month or year. It is the fact that it is $60.

That breaks down to $5 a month or 16.4 cents per day. It really ISNT that much but some would say it's the principle of paying. I am reminded of other services on other platforms that are paid as well.

There may be plenty of free games on PC but a big game like WOW charges by the month for a single game. You have to be really dedicated to playing in order to go the distance.

Funny thing about being a member. Be it live, WOW or even PS+. You get a different perspective on the service and what it offers once your in. Something about it that makes it hard to just walk away. For some its almost like an addiction and to is.

AAACE52967d ago

I'm starting to think the Ps3 fanboys are right!

We should all get rid of our 360's and just play games on PC... oh, you thought I was going to say Ps3... oh... well... I guess you could do that as well!

No seriously, I am getting a little irritated with paying to play online, but what else can I do? I like playing online, but I don't really like playing PC games. The Ps3 is a good system, but I just don't like playing online with it for some reason! I know part of the problem is that i'm heavily invested in the 360.

FACTUAL evidence2967d ago

I will continue to let MS rub their shaft against my butt hole, and anally rape me. Even if our games for the next 3 years are COD titles, I'll even pay 100$ for their mediocre online service. I'll continue to support XBL as long as they make gimmicky controllers, and not exclusives.

Acquiescence2967d ago

When I'm asked to renew it I'll tell 'em to cram it.

acere2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

can't play games online AT ALL on the 360 without paying a monthly fee. i heard xbox sux whit out the online part.

rekof2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )


bros,.. I think even paid western journalists cannot spin this shit ,.. they will try like a mofos,.. but damn,.. SAAAD !! This is not a fanboy rant,.. I swear !

all 360 fans should wake up ,.. games for windows,.. are damn free,.. they are charging for something that should never charged for,.. I don't care,.. If you find worth in cross game chat for 60usd/year I don't mind,..please pay,.. but online play ,.. dude I'm paying for my internet/(play) out of my ass already,.. and it is between me and my isp provider,.. If I want to be a dick to my friends and call them during their games (i hate that shit),.. I can use ventrilo, or skype or phone,... Though getting group of shit heads together ,.. is easier on 360,.. less button presses,..

Why do you support this shit is beyond me,..

ITLoo2967d ago

I will still pay for my Gold membership when the price hike happens. Microsoft does a lot of good work and we need to support them.

Fadetoblack692967d ago

I'm honestly looking at your post and trying to decide if you're trolling or not O.o

Goodeye842967d ago

He isn't he seriously is in support of it.

ITLoo2967d ago

It's just my opinion. Take it or leave it. I'm not trying to sway you, just wanted to put in my two cents.

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